28 Days Later---A single player modification for HL2
It would start out with a scripted sequence of the animal rights activists breaking into the scientific compound and letting out the virus (via the chimps) just like in the movie.

The plot would unfold from there as you played Jim, however you would have choices to alter the story (Ie. at the end where Jim kills the Soldiers, you could decide to break insilently and rescue Selina and the daughter without setting the infected loose on them)

I thought of this because of the large outdoor scenes the source engine can render, so in this case it would be taking place in the city of England, and there would be more maps that would serve as the insides of buildings, different areas of the huge city as well as areas outside of London.

Technical Aspects
~I can map, although I am more comfortable with Quark, i can use Hammer (WC), as i understand that is what the editor will be for the mapping portion of HL2.

~I'm a voiceactor and as one i will be able do to portions for lesser characters, although .wavs can be attained via the internet or the dvd of the movie (once it comes out) of the main characters talking.

+Another mapper would be nice, and if we had 3, the process could be sped up dramatically.

+Modellers (1-3) needed

+CODER(S) needed

+Web Administrator (Preferably with your own paid-for website)

+Texture Artists .wads (Obviously could use the HL2 tex's since they will be so new, but could have that old un-original look after a while, so somebody to make some hl2 .wads would be nice since there wont be any when it first comes out!)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Weapons - So Far - Some arn't in the movie, but again this isnt a carbon copy of 28 Days Later, there are bound to be differences.
+Baseball Bat
+Glock 20-C (Not in Movie)
+Riot Shield
+NATO Assault Rifle
+Molotov Cocktail
+Frag Grenade (Not in Movie)
+Berret 82A1 (Not in Movie)
+SG 540
There are 2 modes that I believe would be worth-while.

+Cooperative - You and companions set off together, a la Svencoop battling the infected, there would be scripted events and the NPCs would follow the host or whoever met up with them first.

+Soldiers and Survivors - There would be 2 teams, the survivors and the soldiers. Much like in the end of the movie, the survivors would be attempting to reach an objective without being killed by the soldiers. Survivors wouldn't have quite as advanced weaponry but would be able to unleash the infected upon the Soldiers. ---More to come on this Soon---

Feedback ~ [email protected]

Thanks in advance
Oh by the way, incase you havn't seen the movie yet (it just came out, a few people said it wouldn't be good but i was right, it was TERRIFIC) heres some sneak-peeks to understand what I'm talking about - 6 Min Low Quality Clip -

This shows off the larger scenes (although it is cut up and edited and the car doesn't have an infected guy in it) but you get the idea, that is the sort of mod i would like to create.

Also Check their page for the trailer as well as other clips.

See upper post for details on the mod idea. Thanks for your support.
sounds good.... but i dont have to much interrest in singleplay MODs....
You shouldent have any problems with finding another mapper...
they are all over the web...
coders are another matter....
Well there is a multi-player portion but that isn't as high on my agenda. Check the edit on the first post for more information.
Go go singleplayer mods! Oh yeah. I'm afraid of confrontation, so I can't stand mp games...
I will post SC's of my concept map in the HL1 engine, IT IS JUST CONCEPT. BTW r_speeds will be thru the roof but again its just concept and won't be running on hl1, but rather source...

Also, after giving it some more thought, I am thinking of having a whole new story, based in the world stricken with the disease "rage", good idea or bad idea?
Rage is a lame virus.. I still think a mod based on dawn of the dead movie would be excellent (especially with the new source technology). It would make an excellent co op mod :>
Change the desease's name to something else, and a few other little things and you'll have an easier avoiding copyright problems.

If anybody hasnt seen it yet, A little birdy told me that theres a verified copy floating around on Kazaa. But I wouldnt know ;)
Originally posted by monte

Also, after giving it some more thought, I am thinking of having a whole new story, based in the world stricken with the disease "rage", good idea or bad idea?

ya, that would be cool
Ok. I'm downloading the movie right now Punisher, since i dont have a dvd player.

Thanks for the replies all.

Still nobody interested in this mod? Rofl

Will be posting screens of concept map soon...
Well Im going to see the movie today, and now I know th intro...thanks. Now Ive got one up on the other people in the audience :rolleyes:
If this was a fandom page you'd be flamed into oblivion for an un-cautioned spoiler like that, monte. :LOL:

Who knew you ability to enjoy a new movie would be damaged by, Parasite? :E heheheh

Lol still no replies nobody wants to work with me on this mod huh? Even though i already have all themaps laid out in Quark?
Quark is a really old, map making tool for Quake :p

I'd sugest up-grading to at least worldcraft..until the new version is published :p
i would be interested.... i know how to use hammer and such :afro: Could you send me the map so i could look at it ? problery .rmf format ?

Peace, love and Dancake
Keep it real 2003
Im one of the great danes ! We ruled !

Sounds like a great idea, but maybe you should focus the story on all new characters in the world of 28 Days. Maybe even have it set in a different city.

I really liked this movie also. Although I do think they had way too much male nudity; why do I want to see his pasty white ass?(and his willy)

Another cool weapon you could do would be some sort of harpoon that LASHES the stupid beasts to the floor or wall. Then you walk up and hack away with your machette. And the riot shield+ baton is a great idea. Have the riot shield give them a good push instead of really doing damage. Just some ideas. This mod idea got me thinking...

Anyways, Good luck. I'd lend my support, but I am just starting to learn 3d studio max and c++(I will probably switch over to what Valve will give with the SDK and learn that, different modeling program)
Yes it is going to take place in america with different characters, however in a world infected with a disease that (to avoid lawsuits) will be called "HATE" (name pending rofl)

Btw i have used quark to create maps for the Half-Life engine, since worldcraft imo is very unwieldy.

I would love both of you to help me out on this, and as for .map formats i could send u screenshots from inside editor in 3d view (NO TEXTURES YET) since i cant compile (map is waaaay too large)

Cool. I would love to see some SS's of your map. Is it set in a city-scape?

I am keeping track of the info on the SDK for HL2 and it sounds like you will be able to design an entire mod with the tools they will be giving with the game. They will be giving a free version of SoftImage with the SDK, so I am going to install the exp version on my brothers computer tomorow to learn it.(must have win200 or XP pro to use it)

Edit: One suggestion: Pick either MP or CO-op. I have never seen a mod that planned on doing both be succesful. I really think the CO-OP part sounds more interesting. MP mods are a Dime a dozen, but Co-Ops stand out because of the lack of numbers. Have you any story written out for the co-op yet?(If not, I am a writer(currently in college) and would love to give you some ideas.)
Yes i do have some script written, i have told it to a few others and some friends and they all liked it and thought it made sense.'

The cities btw have no sky or textures yet but yes i can send you EDITOR screenshots of the maps, since they're too large for HL to render.
Just had a cool idea. Instead of players(in co-op mode) having health, you have resistance to Hate. When your resistance hits zero from contact with the Zombies you turn into a zombie and become an NPC. You then get to watch yourself try and kill your friends untill they killed you so you could respawn. If ya wanna send me some SS's e-mail me at [email protected] or you can post them in this thread.

Edit: The same concept would work if you decide to go down the MP route also. You could make it a Counter-Strike type of Team Deathmatch, but Zombies could make their numbers grow by attacking the Humans. Humans of course could only kill off the Zombies, and they would be able to kill an infected person before they turned(5 seconds to do so?).
Actually i fergot to mention this but yah i was thinking about this same concept about a week ago.

Except with a different twist.

You would have 100 hp, but as you got hurt (ie OPEN WOUNDS!!!) when a zombie hit you with 100 hp, you would only have a 5 percent chance of getting infected, however with 10 hp you would have a 50/50 chance etc etc.

in singleplayer once infeected you would die, howver in multiplay you would go into spec and be forced to specatate what was PREVIOUSLY you, go on a killing spree :)

Any more ideas, also we need a website and i will post pics soon if we can get a dang website to host pics and news on!!!
Oh btw, i have been working on a script, i really think it's very good so far, i'll post a snippet (near the point you would be after 4-5 hours of play) NAMES PENDING:

Before them lay dozens of bodies in a disgusting heap.

Monty: Is anybody there? Hello?!

Rich: Damnit! Every where we look, man. I'm getting f--
(Rich is cut off as a woman runs towards them, shouting)

Woman - Don't shoot! Don't Shoot!
(All lower their weapons)

Jeff: Whats your name?

Woman: Allyson

Rich: You know your way around?

Allyson: Yah, i live, well lived, here before it happened.

Monty: When'd it happen?

Allyson: only about a week ago, people knew that it was spreading ever since Britain was quarantined, but these monsters, they're--

Jeff: We've seen what they can do.

Allyson: Well, lots of people were getting ready you know, building shelters--many went to the streets and looted the stores, in panic and dread, then one day it came and nobody was ready, except for a handfull of wealthy citizens who lived over in North Brook, but it didnt take long before nearly everybody was infected.

Monty: How'd you survive?

More to come w/ screenshots soon...
Yeah, when I was thinking about this I thought of randomizing. It would suck though to have full health and then all of a sudden turn into a zombie.. Of course you could respawn after your friends killed you. probably be best to leave it as a Server setting.

My uncle has a server set up in Texas on a T3 line. (I live in Honolulu with him) I HAD a websight on it, but I just let it be for so long he erased it. I could probably get him to give me some space again, and I could make a web page. Don't know how to set up forums though.
OK give a shout out in these forums once you get the site up and running and i can post pics and news on there.

Still need anybody who is interested in this mod.

Thanks In Advance
I've been learning 3dsmax r3, going through the tutorials in the Bible, and my brother is an Auto-cad draftsman. He makes models in Auto-Cad and we transfer them to 3dsMAX to make them 3d. He is a Professional, and I am in the process of learning.

So simple answer: Yes I can do modeling, or get it done with my brothers help.
We have been talking about joining a MOD team for the longest time, so he gave me his 3dsmax r3 Bible 6 months ago and told me to learn it before we start a Mod. I can model OK, but I haven't really even touched Texturing yet.

Edit: Also, you should let this thread die and start a new one. The title almost made me skip over it. It's just "idea". Maybe name the new thread,"28 Days Later based /Zombie Horror Mod"
Have you picked a name for the mod yet? Maybe 'Night of Hate', 'Virus of the Damned', 'guys who chase you when they turn into zombies, with the spitting and the OY LAVEN!' (just kidding)

Have you thought of what kind of NPCs there will be besides the regular Zombies?

Here are some ideas I was thinking of:

Regular Zombie of course: Just attacks with arms

Spitter: Attacks with arms and spits blood to infect you

Hellhound: Dog infected with Hate, Would be really fast and small, but do little damage(could run packs of them including Pitt bulls, Poodles, and Rottwilers)

Crazy military guys: Make them similar to the ones who held them all hostage in 28 days. Could have many classes of Military, and all pretty much look the same(like a soldier).

My uncle went into surgery last week so he is all drugged up. I will talk to him tomorrow about the server. If he's conscious .

Talk to you Later.
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