Ideas for my new i-net radio station?


May 18, 2003
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Well, well, well.

It seems that I'm following in the footpaths of so many other gaming-related internet radio stations these days. I have sponsors, servers, an irc (gamesnet, whoo-hoo!) channel, and a partially completed website.

I plan to have my radio station up and running soon (mid july or so) but I don't want it to be like these other gay stations featuring 13 year old "DJs" with gay ass prank phone calls etc etc (ie any station except former CkR, former Digital, and current TsN).

Basically I want to be alot like TsN in the way that we have LOTS of match broadcasts. I have a 24/7 music bot so we should have music going 24/7 on our server (not now, but when we launch).

I've come to the forums today to ask for suggestions for creative new gaming-related programming. So far, I've thought of: hardware Q&A shows, shows that discuss upcoming games, and a eSports interview show. I plan to do these shows on a regular programming schedule (once a week, once a day, at a certain time etc) because I have alot of friends backing me up on this and in turn I am teaching them ShoutCAST.

Drop a line right here in the forums or on IRC GamesNET: #rxradio. I'd love to hear all your comments and suggestions. :bounce:

( BTW, if you want to see our partially completed site (which I made) check it out here:
We registered btw but its not up yet. :cheese: )
Very nice site although I'm not too sure about the frames. It's hard to see you can scroll down I only found it because I moved my mouse wheel. I think it would look a lot better and make it a lot easier if you ditched the frames :)
What frames? I'm using all tables o_O

Works best at 1024+ btw so if you are using 800 then it doesn't look good :x
Rock. Some random techno for match broadcasts.