IRC Development Channel



I started an IRC development channel on IRC (Quakenet)
Here people can talk seriously about modding HL².


I'm working on my bot for easily creating vacatures for mod developers searching team members. It will be ready this week.

Let's talk about serious stuff over there.
Oh k

our website is coming very soon,
with tutorials about every aspect of modding.

Also all HL² that are in development will be discussed,
everyone can present his mod and an advaced Question Answer thingy will be available.

Hope to see you there too.
sounds cool, but how do i get onto it, cos i havent a clue about mIRC, and this channel seems worth learning mIRC, pleez help!
You don't know mIRC?

I'll help you out Mr.B - speak in msm.
I just want to add that im in the team too :)

We need some nice people to chat with so c´mon in!