kinder eggs

When I was young, I loved em!!, they tasted so kewl!!, but now there just a hollow piece of crap :LOL:
Yeah, we had them in Russia. I collected all these elephants, crocodiles.. bunch of things.
I used to love them. Although it annoyed me when they kept bringing our the turtles and stuff. I kept getting them instead of the cool little cars that you build.
O like chocolate eggs with toys in them.
We have something like that over here.
i just bought them for the chocolate and threw away the toy a bit of a waste really but owell
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i just bought them for the chocolate and threw away the toy a bit of a waste really but owell

20 years ago I would buy them just for the toy inside and give the chocolate to my sister... The toys in them were that good with tons of moving parts and stuff... :bounce: Now all you get is a sh1tty plastic frog! :flame:
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kinder eggs, yeah, they're the s***!

Yes! I'm glad someone finally said it. Unfortunatelly, I lost most of them, but I still have a little red race car sitting on my shelf :)
WOW, my friend brought me one today, it's a small world... or is it just all really a big TV shoe bout me ?!?
My mom actually ordered those this past Easter (if you live in the US, like me, you've probably never heard of them). Anyways, the chocolate was pretty good. Sadly, the shell was too thin. Oh well.
I used to have a cabinet with loads of cool kinder toys in them. They were great.
they are the best things ever...apart form the fact that they are relatively expensive, and your more likely to get a figurine or a jigsaw rather than a build-it-yourself toy :(
kinder eggs used to rock.... i think i still have a build-yourself monkey with eyes that rolled and ears that waggled

haha yeah kinder eggs are AWSOME. I had my desk filled with those toys. but i have almost all off them away to my little nephews and nieces (or you you spell that)