Looking for a skilled mapper...



... who will create me a large custom map for no charge.

If you can, please e-mail me at [email protected] or instant message me on AIM as SpA Catta.
you might wanna wait until the editor is actually out.... unless you want a hl1 map.
That's probably a good idea, but in-case there's someone who feels that they will easily get used to the new editor, can work on a large-scale indoor map, and will do it for free...
hey that's not a bad outdoor ddonkeylips. The cliff are a little bit flat but...hey wait that's inside...wooops :p
"in-case there's someone who feels that they will easily get used to the new editor"
u know hl1 editor well? then i know hl2 editor...it's that simple :) . we'll just have to learn the new entyties and tool.
some tips:

Dont say "for me" nobody wants to for for somebody and not get any credits for it (it sounds like that). Say "With me" or something like that instead.

Im a skilled mapper (7 years experiance) but i wont email you if you dont write something about the mod/whatever. People are to lazy to email someone just to work for him/her. Write alittle about it and maybe someone will be interested.
donkey, that looks pretty good. Is it your first map?

You go into too much detail for a hl1 map, but I'm sure it would be fine for hl2.
Are there any really greater mappers out there who would like to make some huge single player maps for me? No to be published online or anything, just so I can play them when I'm bored.

I would love to collaborate with someone who knew the workings of building maps. Whether it would be to design something together or just to apprentice. Hopefully there will be some good sites to help people learn map making with HL2. Odds are, it would seem likely.
I would just like to say that, at least in HL1, it is not hard at all to make maps, and once you get into it, it is very fun and addicting. I have only made a few levels, but that is because I am saving some that I drew up for HL2, where there is hopefully quality vehicles. And also Hammer stopped working on my comp, it made me sad. I would reccomend that you try to learn how to make some maps in HL2 yourself, a good place to start is www.snarkpit.com. That is where I used the tutorials.
ill make maps
im a bit rusty and i want to beat HL2 before i make maps
and i wont make aps for YOU, i will make them for everyone

maybe if i feel like it i will make many high-quality maps and become as well known as gooseman... that would look better than a college graduation on a resume` =]