Lunar Personell Carrier W.I.P.


May 16, 2003
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I 've started working on a Lunar Personell Carrier for Invasion Earth: 1987.

Its still a work in progress and the interior is mostly unfinished.
The rear half will be an airlock and the front half will be pressurized. I want to have a weapons locker and mediacl station onboard if the HL2 engine will allow it (if not we could probably code it without too much problem).

The drivers station will be in the center of the dash and the gunner will probably stand on a platform to fire the gun (not done yet). I've also thought of havine the gunner stand on the floor and use a periscope type mechanism to operate turret.

The model is currnetly at 2300 polys. the pressure door in the central bulkhead and driver/gunner stations will add some, and some interior details will be added too. I'm expecting another 1500 polys.


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I think it looks cool.. the dome is really cool. and it fits the concept.

It really has that retro feeling to it. keep em comming
cool, but you have to remeber that we dont know what kinds of materials the source engine can support.... (the glass stuff)

nice job.
Ya its round all right. It'd be realy too round for a "normal" mod. But IE:1987 isnt exactly normal. Its supposed to be as if you are in a 50's Sci-Fi movie about 1987.

Here's a pic of the vehicle that inspired the Lunar Personell Carrier. This is from "battle in outer space". in the background you can see the bottom of the rocketship that brought them to the moon and the crane's attachment clamp that lifts the trucks back up to the rocket.
cool, but you have to remeber that we dont know what kinds of materials the source engine can support.... (the glass stuff)

If making the windows out of a "Glass" material is a problem for vehicles then I'll just fake it by using a Glass texture on those polys.
The parts I'm most concerned about with vehicles are the weapons locker, medical station and air tank re-fill station. It'd be nice to incorporate those into the vehicle, if I cant we'll look at coding it and if thats not very practical then I'll just figure something else out.
I'm fairly sure youre going to be able to have a gunners station based on what we seen on the demo vids. I dont know if the gun was being controlled by the player or if it was automaticly tracking the target, but it was a form of gun turret :)

I dont think I'm going to have seats for all the troops being carried in the vehicle, they will all just stand. That should put a bit of extra burden on the driver to be carefull not to beat up the passengers too bad.
For example;
You decide to build up serious speed and jump a crater instead of going the long way around. thats fine and you land without crashing, but you just killed 3 NPC troops in the back :)
cool, but you have to remeber that we dont know what kinds of materials the source engine can support.... (the glass stuff)

Well I wouldn't discount it supporting it, just yet, just model everying you wnat for now, and if you find out the enigne doesn't support it, then find a way to work round it, that way your not giving your self boundaires that aren't set yet!
and if you find out the enigne doesn't support it, then find a way to work round it, that way your not giving your self boundaires that aren't set yet!

Exactly! Thats sort of the attitude I've been operating with.
The way I see it, we'll probably be able to evrything you could do in HL1, and more. But I wont count on the "more" and be prepared to fall back on HL1 methods of solving problems if I have to.
good, Oh I like the idea by the way back to good old retro programs.......hmmm, maybe a Captain Scarlet Mod..........:p
More Details!

What sort of deatils? Details about what I plan to try to do with the vehicle? or details about the MOD? or were you wanting more detailed pics of the model in development ?
Happy to answer any of the above :)
More Details!

I realy need to point you to My yahoogroups discussion page.

I just opened it up to the public a few days ago and as of yet have no members(havent been advertising either). I'll set up a real website later, right now this does the job for basic discussion. Probably around the time of HL2's release I might setup a PHP forum.

Anyhow, IE:1987 will be a single player mod first. But later if there is enough interest and talented people willing to help I am open to doing an MP version that would let online players replay some of the battles from the SP game in typical MP style.
For MP I realy prefer CO-OP. I'm going to be concentrating on SP first, hopefully by the time the SP version is finished the CO-OP issues will already be resolved and some publicly available code will be available. I'm not going to invest the time/rescources to create CO-OP capability at this point.

So like I said, its first going to be Single Player. you'll start most missions at youre base. You'll go get youre mission orders, draw your weapons, and hopefuly we'll be able to have it so you can pick youre team from among the qualified NPC characters. Then you'll go to youre transport and depart to where youre mission takes you. In this sense it will be a bit similar to a game of "X-Com: Enemy Unknown". You'll land near to where the landed Flying Saucer is at and eliminate the Martians while attempting to minimize civilian casualties.

Each time you complete a mission you'll notice youre home base will be growing slightly. New facilities will be popping up all over. You'll see lots of construction sites, and occasionaly you'll notice that one is no longer under construction but is now a working facility.

The technology will be improving as the game progresses. You'll start out with a conventional assault rifle and will later have energy weapons available. However during this game you'll always have the option to select any weapons available in the arsenal.
You'll be operating at various sites on earth throughout the entire course of the game, but you'll also have more and more missions off planet, first the Moon, then later on Mars.

The Martians will be a bit comical and will be realy fun to kill!
I'm planning something like a cross between the Martians from "Mars Attacks" and the aliens that captured Captian Pyke in the pilot episode of Star Trek. I'm also VERY tempted to use the voices of the Martians from "Mars Attacks" I loved that "Ack, ACK, ACK ACK! ACK!" I'm not going to make the quite as rediculous as in Mars Attacks but they will be somewhat funny and dangerous as well as very sinister all at the same time. I havent bothered trying to model the Martians yet.

The rocketships that take you to the moon and later to mars will be of the classic Art Deco style. Very tall streamlined rockets with long curved tailfins. They'll take off and land on their tails. The people will be lowered to the ground level in an elevator cage suspended by a cable from a small swing out crane arm. The Lunar Personell Carrier will be lowered to the ground in the same way. When the LPC is at the top of the crane the crane arm will fold upwards into the cargo bay and the LPC will then be stored verticaly.

I also would like to make some ground vehicle for on the earth. I've been looking at some old 50's concept car photo's and such.

The LPC will have a crew of 2, driver and gunner. I may decide to have a doctor aboard the LPC or just have a medical station onboard. I dont know how many troops its going to hold yet, that will be determined by testing later. It will however hold at least 6 troops and that will probably be sufficient most of the time.

I dont have the interior of the LPC finished yet, and may not untill HL2 is here and I know whats going to be do-able without major coding (minor will be okay).

The MArtians will also probably mount some counter attacks after you've put a cramp in their style. Some Missions may involve defending youre base from a Martian Invasion Force as well as defending civialian sites, like powerplants and such.

The story will deliberatly be Cliche'. This mod is to be fun, NOT relaistic. And I plan to exploit some of the incorrect assumptions that were made about the future in the 40's and 50's.
Checkout the yahoogoups page for the latest untill I decide to setup a real webpage somtime later this summer.

Thanks for the interest, and comments.
Didn't the tram have glass?

I dont think it did, but I may be wrong since I havent seen it in a long time.

Even if "Glass" is a problem for HL2 vehicles(I doubt it) I'll just ake the windows have the same propreties as the rest of the hull and just texture them with a "glass" texture. Right?
I dont realy NEED to have breakable windows on the LPC, we'll just say theyre "Transparent Aluminum" or something like that.
Nope it never, you could pull the trick (if timed correctly) to jump-duck and fall out the back :p, and then you'd never catch the damn thing up again...
I do love this idea..... it takes me back to the time when my dad showed me some of his comics from the 50's :) I look forward to playing this

Haha. yeah.. this mod is going to be great. I love the retro look and feeling from the old 50's sci-fi movies
Co-op owns, im developing a mod for coop too :)

Coop is teh win at LAN parties!
and it's got Co-Op...... co-op

Whoa there, lets hold our horses. I WANT to do Co-Op, but Single player will come first. What I'm hoping for is that while I'm working on this in SP somebody will be developing Co-Op play. Then right after the SP public release, I can start adding in Co-Op and hopefully in a short time release a Co-Op version.

I'm mostly thinking of having the same game and same missions, just in a co-op version.

The retro lookin models will cretianly be different from most other mods, but I think whats realy going to be the most unique feature in this mod will be the scenery. I'm going to be using Terragen to the extreme. I'm even planning terragen created movies for the inflight segments of the game. The terrain you'll be playing on will be taken from the same terragen terrain map as the skybox. I'll be going out of My way to try to make the terrain and skybox blend as seamlessly as possible.

Oh, I'll have a couple of aircraft models done enough for public display soon. Maybe early next week. And perhaps even a peek at a rocketship.
Cool, just post em in this, what has become your mods thread.... I have a feeling Co- oP will be much loved.... if you do a co-op add on... :)
cool. I cant wait to see some new stuff..
/me cant sit still untill next week
Cool, Can't wait to see them, until them I think I'll go out and watch some retro films...

* Stone sits and watches retro films for days, until Badger realises and tells him to get back to work
I have a feeling Co- oP will be much loved.... if you do a co-op add on...

Oh dont worry, when Co-Op capability has been developed For HL2 I'll re-release a Co-Op version.
Just what I was trying to say was that the initial release will be SP. I dont think there would be any point in delaying an SP release to wait for Co-Op. And My version of a Co-Op game will be essentialy the same as the SP game, mostly same missions and such, but there will be a few more and tougher Martians, and of course you'll be replacing some of youre AI controlled teammates with human players. The conversion of the game should be fairly simple. Same maps just some changes to the entities. For level transitions and map changes the ranking player will be the only one who can trigger it.
Vehicles with multiple crewmembers are great, they create good teamplay.
haha i was thinking the same thing... maybe its cause the OSCARE MEYRE WEINER truck is in town and ive seen it quite a few times :p good job
The Lunar Personell Carrier is inspired by the vehicles from the movie "Battle in Outer Space". My version dosent have a conning tower in the back and it dosent articulate in the middle to steer, and it dosent have flight capability. But in many ways its similar. I think the makers of the movie probably were inspired by the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile.
I think its realy the center headlight that gives it that look.
I havent worked on it for about 2 weeks now, Ive been super busy, and it looks like it wont let up for a few weeks.

I have started modeling a rocketship, But I'm not sure If I should just make it a static mesh or a world brush. I'll probably have to do both. Anyhow the LPC will be carried inside the cargo bay of the rocketship and lowered by a cable on an extendable boom. I was realy needing the outer dimensions of the LPC before I could begin on the Rocketship.

Hope to have some more WIP pics soon.