Matrix Reloaded in Japan !?!?

I think he meant to add: Ow my spleen !

Re-Enactments..... of the Matrix...... why ?????

it's a F I L M .... not real life :rolleyes:

Hahaha .. I wanna find a video of this. Might be just as funny as the starwars geek!

Maybe on Sept. 30 we should dress up as Gordon Freemans and carry crawbars to shool/work ... or maybe just grow a beard and wear thick-rimmed glasses if you wanna stay conservative :)
Hmmm. I can use my new HEV suit that I'm working on (You have to read my HEV thread to understand that). How fun would it be to go round smashing boxes, windows and other such things with a crowbar. Then occasionally bashing an alien or two.
And if you are feeling nilhistic..... go into a lab full of scientists and try and cause a resonce cascade... :p