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May 17, 2003
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So at some point during your counterstrike career someone suggested playing knives only - 20 people rush out into a stabbing frenzy. There wasn't much skill involved but hey - it was fun.

With the HL2 engine you could do so much more. This isn't something I have the time to follow through but hopefully someone will take up my idea. Imagine a deathmatch only mod where there are no guns. Only weapons like lead pipes, knives, bricks etc. Maps are really small and full of traps so part of the skill is knocking out supports to make stuff fall onto your enemies. You would start of with your bear hands and have to find stuff to throw at people. The game would consist of short last man standing rounds with no teams.

The engine seems particularly sorted to this, the rag doll physics simulating what happens when you clout someone with a lead pipe. Remember the E3 demo with that video camera (Gordon was waving it at the 'g' man holding it with the gravity gun)? The same principal could be used so you would get a realistic view as someone throws you down a flight of stairs.

Unlike the plethora of WW2 mods (not criticizing, they're really good) nothing like this has been done before. There would be a large amount of variety as the weapons are determined by the map. For example if you were playing in a lab then you could throw syringes at people or beat them with an oscilloscope. Or, on a construction site the weapons would be planks of wood and bricks. I'd love to see HL2s physics put to work breaking a chair over someone's head or throwing them through a plate glass door.

Anyway there's the sales pitch (I’m semi serious about this - I could do mapping if someone thinks they can code all this) all I need now is a catchy name...
nah that name is too close for comfort to Hammy-Bob ! A mod that sucks so much !I played it once, and have tryed to forget ever since!
cool idea - good job

I would really like playing that mod :bounce:
I'd like to see a Supermarket map with this mod. Just imagine smashing somebody through various shelves, hundreds of tins flying around.

How about: "SMASH 'IT" as a mod name ? :cheese:
Great sounding mod, think it would be great fun.

I'm happy with anyname as long as it includes a bitch-slag option :)
I forsee insults playing a large role in this mod, as well as ganging up on people when they least expect it....
u cud have a fight in a toy-store, with every1 wielding cash registers and teddybears!
u need to do some good thinin and come up witha catchy mod name...
btw that sounds great i was commin up with ideas as i was readin...i was alwasy blessed with a great imagination
lol i also noticed the word plethora...i havent heard that used since three amigos:cheers:
i was thinkin with the 1v1 think and how there could sorta be a lil auto aim as so u could put more emphasis one "skill" with knives and objects(moving the mouse in certain way to maipulate the handling of the knife and the quick slice combo with the buttons-wut i would like to see this mold into is something to deal with skill rather than chaos...even though im sure some maps would be made for total chaos and the auto-aim thingy would be a certain hotkey to where if u were 1v1 and alone u could strafe around and focus more on the movement of the blade.
gimme some input if u think u know where im going and add in.
with the hand-to-hand combat idea in mind some other things come across (which I've been having since I saw the matrix part 1)

How would one effectively make REAL hand to hand combat, and reflect the skills that are needed for good hand to hand combat (like kung-fu, kickboxing, swordfighting etc..) into a fps engine like source. Something in which you have to keep your defenses up, predict enemy blows, block at the right locations, and make special moves (somehow) at the enemy. If you would combine this with a superhero theme (like the matrix, or spiderman, or whatever superhero thingey). Wouldn't that make an extremely cool mod :)?

The idea as you have it now is pretty cool as well altho (and that's what the proposed names point out) it's more something for a fun/party game.
With HL2's source engine, u could do a great map on a giant bouncy castle, that would be so cool - until someone deflates it with a a knife....spoil sports...
Smax0r Strike

Har Har

You get it? Like Hax0r Strike

Cos there are loads of cheaters in CS.....get it?


Oh :(
If the manipulator gun gets put in, you could re-model it to look like a set of hands and re-animate it so it looks like you are picking up the object. Then have a throwing animation and there you go :)

I think having teams would be fun, like having massive street brawls with your mates and helping them out when they are getting seven bells of shit kicked out of them.

Maps could include:

A nightclub - bottles, chairs, tables, toilets etc
A shopping mall - with the toy shop idea and others like harware stores
An anti-something riot - this map could have specifically one team the combine and the other being rebels
A dock - anchors (lol), crates, fish :)
A prison - one team could be officers and the other inmates (could even start off as all the inmates having to break out first)
A disused warehouse - burning barrels, homeless people, needles
A mental institution - same as prison really
A government building (not too clichéd ;)) - you know the score

Game types

Infiltrate + Eliminate - One team breaks in, the other has to stop them getting in and killing them before they get killed

Eliminate - Kill the other team (CS style with wait periods)

Exfiltrate - Get out of a building with a 65%+ success rate

Top of the Town - Massive DM/TDM brawl, ones with most kills wins

I really do like the idea of this mod, its a great idea :D
Why not call it Hand to Hand? Some logo ideas





Originally posted by derby
Unlike the plethora of WW2 mods (not criticizing, they're really good) nothing like this has been done before.
There are two, and both are very different except for theme:x
I think he means that there is a world war 2 mod for just about every game out there.

In this mod.......Could you kick and do cool 80's style karate moves
every body was kung fu fighting....:afro:

Death by bitch slap
HL: Frenzy?

I must admit, it does sound like it could be a pretty fun mod, but only if you make sure that people can dodge as well, like - actionHL style ;)
hehe, don't call it that, you'll hex it - it will keep compiling the players incorrectly ;)
did anyone take my ideas into consideration or modify them or build on them ...
if so i want to be in credits ifs its made :p
lol has anybody noticed that the guy who thought this up hasnt actually replied in this thread........
Half-Life 2: This mod doesn't have a title and it doesn't really need one since it's a melee mod and all you do is kick the shit out of eachother in some sort of crazed deathmatch because we're just doing this for mods mod

Nice idea. Looking forward to play it. :thumbs:

lol has anybody noticed that the guy who thought this up hasnt actually replied in this thread........

actually i did reply. it's on the first page. should have looked harder. and here i am replying again. like i said originally i can create maps for this if there are poeple who are able to model and script for mods.
The mod should really make use of the HL2 engine then.
How bout a map at a construction yard.
Shoot the support and shitloads of bricks will fall hard on the person below. :cool:

The problem is the modelling, when you try to pick up the object, how is the hands model going to actually pick up the object?

If it is going to be the manipulator gun's way, there will be a lag when you move the hand around, like what it is in the videos.
Its a great idea, but the only problem i can think of is that once some one had played a map they would know where all the 'traps' were which would take half the point out of the mod. People would end up over using them or just avoiding them all togethor.

Hopefully everything in the map will be a trap to sme extent, if all the bildings are made of wood, you could knock any of them down on to people.
How about you call it

HL2: Uber Smash Bros. :afro:
Or! "Half-Life 2 : When Cheese Attacks".

Although feel free to replace Cheese with Crabs! :)
what u cud do, make pretty much everything a possible trap, have things that could be put together to make evil traps, like digging pits with spades, lol!