Mod Idea - "B!"


May 16, 2003
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The striders gave me a good idea.. what about a mod set in the 1950's based on all the old B Sci Fi / Horror movies? There used to be an old quake 2 mod where you could either play as soldiers or as aliens that would lay eggs and hatch new aliens (I forget the name of it though). It was something different and fun to play.

In this mod all the maps and characters would have a real 50's feel to them. There would be two teams, a "spook" team consisting of the woofman, swap creature, the blob, the human fly ...etc and another "allies" team consising of cops, town folk and motorbike rebels. The spooks would overrun a town and its up to the allies to group together and to find and destroy the creatures.

Let me know what you think :cheers:
sounds cool. It would be awesome if the whole mod was in black ans white also... it would make it look like you were playing tv from the fifties
errrr Punisher is making a mod like this... and he's done a LOT of cool work on it :) soz
I think black and white is taking it a bit too far.. no one wants to pay for a high end video card to play a monochrome game :p

Another game option would be if there was one assigned spook character and the rest of the townsfolk were against it, but the spook had special powers.. like faster speed or stronger strength. And each round someone else gets a go. The Blob would have been a cool villain using the "character as water" technology shown in the tech demo.. the only difference being that it would be more viscous than normal water.