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Private Snafu

May 28, 2003
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Hi! I'm trying to get a mod started for Half Life 2. I need a skinner, a web designer, a coder, and a sound technician. So far my mod team has only one member (me). If your interested, my email is [email protected]

Here's the offical mod description:

Half-Life 2: The Wild West

By Sean “Private SNAFU” Hubbard

The Wild West is intended to be an American Old West (or Wild West) themed multiplayer (and possibly, in a later version, single player) modification for Valve Software’s upcoming Half-Life 2. In the initial release, the primary game mode will be capture and hold (similar to the Conquest mode in Battlefield 1942.) In this mode there will be two sides: The Law, and the Outlaws (though in the real history of the Old West, the seperation between these sides tended to blur.)

In the future, I would to have some scenarios that pit the American Indians vs the US Army. Such scenarios include a defend the fort map, and several ambush maps (both ambushes from the Army and the Indians), as well as an all out battle scenario.

Note: The following is subject to change
All classes will have the same running speed, however each class will have the ability to charge for as long has his endurance lasts. Jumping also takes away from endurance (thus discouraging bunny hoping). In addition, should it prove feasible, all characters will be able to lean, so as to take advantage of cover.

All classes except the Warrior have crude body armor (consisting of mainly a thick sheet of metal). While general the armor won’t completely stop a bullet, it will reduce the damage taken (and comprise the integrity of the armor). The fewer holes in one’s body the better.

Common Weapons:
Revolver: Any frontiersmen in the West knows his most faithful companion is neither his horse, nor his wife (or courtesan). It’s his revolver. Both Justice and intimidation are strongest when they come out of the barrel of a gun. For the Revolver, it comes out six times, then needs to be reloaded. The shooter can either fire each shot invidiually, taking time and care to make sure each shot hits its mark (known to most as semi auto), or he can shoot all six as fast as his hands will let them (six shots fire one after the other automatically). Each cartridge needs to be loaded individually.

Bowie Knife: “You can tickle a man’s ribs with this knife, but it will be a long time before he laughs.” ‘nuf said.

TNT Bundle: Ironically, this explosive weapon was invented by a man who intended it to be used for peaceful purposes. More powerful than gunpowder and more stable than nitroglycerian, anyone near the TNT when it goes off may find himself travelling in all four directions at once. After being lit, it can thrown, exploding on contact, or dropped, acting as a timed bomb, at which point it’s advisable to run. Note that after lighting the whick, you have a limited time before your entrails are painting the walls, so make up your mind before you light.

Matches: Matches are used to light everything from TNT to cigars and pipes. Each class has an infinite supply and once lit they can be used for light (holding the match in one hand and your side arm in the other) or thrown to set things on fire (power kegs, Kerosene).

Weapons: Tomahawk, Bow and Arrow
A member of the American Indian who fights for both the Law and the Outlaw, this Indian warrior is the standard stealth class. He is unique in that while running or walking he makes no noise (he prefers mochassins to boots) and while dashing, he makes less noise than the other classes.
Unlike firearms, his arrows can easily pierce both the armor and it’s user. A hit to the torso or head will easily kill a man. And if not he’ll probably wish he was dead (and is quite close to having his wish granted).
The Tomahawk can be equally deadly in the right hands. A single Tomahawk to the back, whether thrown or swung, will make a man fall faster than a drunk on a tight rope. Be advised however, as using the Warrior’s weapons will require more skill than a rifle or revolver, so aim high, and if the varmit’s runnin’, aim forward.
He his endurance level is tied for the Deputy’s for highest.

Weapons: 2 Revolvers (either used singley or akimbo style), Bowie Knife, 4 bundles of TNT.
Not content to merely guard the pigs (or steal horses, in the thief’s case), the lowest ranking member of each side has found a nich in battle. His youthful vigor (and light wieght armor) gives him a high endurance. But, being the new guy, he’s equipped with the bare essentials. His primary weapons are his duel revolvers, which are great for dropping a man or teaching him how to dance.

Weapons: Winchester Rifle, Revolver, 3 bundles of TNT.

The middle aged, medium armored, medium endurance Sheriff, is the standard fighter.
He neither fails nor excells at long range or close range combat. Like the revolver, the Winchester Rifle can be fired with single, well-aimed shots, or quick, repeated shots (generally used for when some fool charges blindly at you). Two or three shots from the winchestor and your target is as good as dead.

Weapons: Double Barrelled Shot Gun, Revolver, 3 bundles of TNT

The Marshall and the Bandit are the highest-ranking members of their respective sides of the Law. Both are veterans of various wars, and as such they’ve been trained to fight. Their shotgun can fire both barrels in a single blast or each barrel individually, and because of the experience of its user, the shot gun can be reloaded faster than you might expect. Be wary of the shotgun, as being shot at point blank will make you more “holier” than the Pope and dead as Custer.

Weapons: Revolver, Sharp’s Rifle, 2 Bundles of TNT.

This long-range combatant uses the legendary Sharp’s Rifle (hence the term Sharpshooter). Sharp’s rifle is great for hunting buffalo, even better for hunting people. A bane to loud mouthed chieftan and Confederate officer alike, the rifle combines a large caliber with long distance. Aiming is made easier using long range sites). The Sharp’s is a single shot breechloader, so aim very, very carefully. There’s nothing worse than missing and having your quarry take cover or charge straight at you. The Sharpshooter has medium endurance and light armor.

Explosives Expert/Demolitionist:
Weapons: Revolver, TNT Crate (with electric trigger), 4 Bundles of TNT.
Known to some as Trinitroluene, known to the rest as dynamite, TNT is the mainstay of the modern Demolitionist. Used for blowning up bridges, rocks, bankvaults, and ramparts, TNT must be used carefully. The Demolitionist’s TNT crate can be detonated from afar using an electric ignition system similar to a telegraph. Just be sure to be out of the way, as both the explosion and any airborne debris can put you in a world of hurt. The Demolitionist (and Explosives Expert) has light armor and medium endurance.

Gatlin Operator/ Machine Gunner:
Weapons: Revolver, Gatlin Gun with tripod, 2 Bundles of TNT.
How is a rain cloud like a Gatlin Gun? One showers you with water; the other showers you with lead. Unlike the firearms of the classes, the Gatlin must be set up before it’s ready to fire. After said deployment, it’s ill advised to charge the gunner’s position head on, as the Gatlin can fill you full of lead before you can cry for your mother. The gunner generally sticks to two methods of fire. One is a slow, steady crank, which is best used for against a crowd and long ranges. The other is a rapid crank that will churn out hot lead as fast as the gunner arm will let him. The down side to this strategy is that the precision will be dimished. The cloud of gun smoke and the recoil will make it almost impossible to hit a target at long ranges.

Things to look out for:
In addition to your enemies, there are other factors in your evironment that can both for and against you.

Kerosene Lamps:
Before Edison’s most famous acheivement, the world lived in a virtual Dark Age. Light was generated by burning fuel, mainly using Kerasene lamps. If you knock one of these over, the bullets whizzing past your head will be the least of your problems. In fact, being hit by said bullets would be far more preferable to being burned to death. If you happen upon a burning kerosene lamp, you can use it for a light source, or even as a thrown weapon. The kerosene in an unlit lamp can be poured out and lit, making for a grisly demise.

Powder Kegs:
Even though gunpowder has been made obsolete as an explosive, it’s still used in virtually all firearms. If one is lucky enough to find a powder keg, they can pour its contents out and form a trail of powder, which can then be ignited. After the flames hit the keg, it will explode. The flying nails and splinters making excellent shrapnel.

Noone ever escaped justice (nor caught fleeing criminals) on foot alone. The horse is five hundred times stronger than man. While on a horse, the rider can walk, gallop or sprint. Generally, walking is good for close in fighting against an unmounted adversary. Galloping is good when chasing or fleeing another rider, and sprinting is good for that extra burst of speed, but it will wear out the animal’s endurance. Keep in mind that the horse can’t stop on a dime, so don’t sprint into a wall unless you have a death wish. While mounted, the rider can use any weapon except for the Gatlin Gun or the TNT crate, and he’s vunerable. When confronting a rider on foot, be aware that should he gallop or sprint in your direction that the horse’s hooves can snap your fragile body like a twig.

Levels Planned:

Train Station
Trading Post
Frontier Town
Larger Town
Rock Quarry

So far, i've only modeled a single weapon, the TNT Bundle.
kewl idea, hope it goes well, that TNT dude has gotta be fun :D
It'll be fun when he blows up an out house and it sends crap raining down every where. :p
Cool, a real 3D remake of Outlaws ? Would be awesome. Hopefully there'll be bot support (or SP maps even?)...

Most interesting thing will be to see how modders can change the normal HL2 vehicles to a 'working' horse ... :bounce:
Actually, some the levels (particularly the US Army vs. Indian levels) will virtually gurantee "Character Bots". For example, I have in mind a Alamo-like mission where a US Fort has it's telegraph wires cut preceding an attack by a large force of Indians (the Indians out number the US Soldiers 3 to 1). At the start, the fort's telegraph operator announces that contact with a larger base has been abruptly cut off and that help should arrive soon. The Indians have a specified length of time to over take the fort. After that an Army of bots comes in and slaughters the Indian warriors. (Just to make it interesting, after the time limit is up, any Indians killed are automatically switched to the US side. All of this depends, of course on the capabilites of the Source engine.
So will the look of the mod be Hollywood/John Wayne style western or will it be Clint Eastwood-Spaghetti Western style?

Hopefully the later, much cooler and more realistic.

The Punisher
I was hoping to "keep it real". I might take some liberties in order to improve gameplay, though. So I guess your answer would be Clint Eastwood style.
u know i know alot about revolvers in that time period....i could help you out in that area if you like.
sure why not? I know there was the Colt Single Action Army and that was .45 caliber. But that's about it as far as revolvers are concerned.
give me your AIM sn, or msn messanger, or whatever u use to chat and ill give u some info when ever you like.
Thanx for the good reception. Is there any one though who can skin, code, do sounds, or web design?
Not me but im sure theres alot of people out there who would like to participate.
Excellent idea though...cant wait to see the end result!:cheese:
i can webdesigns, bt things is...I'm lazy, and already doing designing for another mod...but I'll see if i can throw something simple together...anything you would likew it to looks like? :)
Nos is a solid, not metal gear solid, but a solid web page designer. He knows his shiznit, ya herd me? :)
OK so far I have the following:

Private Snafu: Modeller and Mapper
[Hunter]Ridic: Historian, possibly a mapper
Nostradamus: Web Design D00D
AndersJ: Skinner

Just need a coder and that should be it, but hey, we got all summer right? ;)
Hang in there ok! Ive started to spread the word around...don`t get your hopes up though.....
"Hang in there ok" "don't get your hopes of though"

That's what is known in orwellian as double think. :-/
No steel, It's A compound Metal, Can't remember of which two, but it's nothing like Steal

anywhom, Idea sounds cool, I like the Fort Idea... Be nice to see how it turns out...

and hope you get a coder!?! :p
Well I have been waiting for a really good old west game for along time. Maybe do it like Aliens vs Predator, except Cowboys vs Indians. Take your time, do alot of research, and make it authentic. I would really look forward to this mod. Good Luck :cheers:
authentic as possible it should be, though just like every other game, it will hold onto realism but it wont be too much that it gets boreing, like rouge spear etc...
Originally posted by [Hunter]Ridic
authentic as possible it should be, though just like every other game, it will hold onto realism but it wont be too much that it gets boreing, like rouge spear etc...
that's kinda the idea i had. It would be like DoD or CS for the American Wild West. A fun, semi-realistic tactical shooter. :D