Model dammage??


May 15, 2003
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i have seen the Zombies shot apart but i havent seen any impact marks on any of the enemies? does this mean if you shoot someone it wont put a mark on there body?

It really annoys me in a game if you hit someone an cant see how accurate you were!! it wont spoil the game for me but it would be nice if you could see it.

what does everyone else think?

If u look at the screanshots it shows bullet marks on the antlions.

Simple question simple answer. Yes it supports this, and it does it very well :D
as for your first question, the zombies were either chopped in half or blown in half when the barrel exploded, so i dont see what kind of 'impact marks' there would be. about the bullets, im pretty sure they wont do this, because you see several things get shot/hit with the crowbar in the movies and nothing has marks on it. im sure it's very hard to do.
No, Gabe comfirmed there will be hit decals on models and we can even see this on some of the screenshots.
nice, i thought there would have to be but i just wanted to make sure. :cheers:
ya, you prolly can't see the hit decals at every moment because as people said earlier there were 'some issues' with the video quality as it just was a recorded image. watch it again with the better quality vid's coming out in a little bit to see it all.
Videos don't come out at midnight PST. More like 10 am or noon PST.
bonanzaguy: Nah, it's not hard to do. It's just adding decals onto the models. It would be a piece of cake :)
Yeah but how did the decal on the ant lion get on its side? Its being shot from the front, there should be bullets all around its head.
Originally posted by BWMASTER
Yeah but how did the decal on the ant lion get on its side? Its being shot from the front, there should be bullets all around its head.

well theres also a guy shooting at it from across the scene, and im guessing there was probably a guy behind where image was, or maybe the antlion was turning around or something, obviously we dont know who shot it, we only have a still image, but theres a dead combine and two shooting in view, theres most likely more.

also the guy in the front seems to be hitting it in the stomach/chest on its underside, as you can see by the alien blood particles.
uhm, ypu dont think that the antlion is mkoving forward, and just runs thorugh the bloodspray, some sort of clipping..? well, im not sure, since i dont get a real good look at the the picture since the sun is right into my screen...
if you look closely under the big bullit mark you see that there is a triangle missing. wich should mean that you can shoot off pieces off creature, like leggs etc.
hmm, couldnt see that but as i said...the sun is not very nice to me right now =)
For even more proof, slow the quicktime video down at about 12:03/12:04 - you can see the civilian soldier gets shot, a mark is left behind.