Monitor Problem

May 15, 2003
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Well, I've had my monitor for a year now, never had a problem with it... except the other day, it wouldn't display anything... and I heard Static electricity noises coming from inside.... I am quite worried by this .... it worked when I took a microphone alway from teh pc but what causes this? Could it be a long term problem?
I think Static electricity by the magnet in the microphone.

But did it have any effect on the image. does it have wierd lines or is the image disorted?
Have you degaussed the monitor? Might be a good idea to expell the static.
It'll either be a button on the monitor, or if your monitor has a menu, it'll be there somewhere.
Badger... some quick questions...
Is the computer in a cold a basement or in front of an air conditioner?
Was the monitor asleep or turned off for a while before it wouldn't display anything?
When you put the microphone back does it stop working? ... cause otherwise i would think that was just coincidental timing and nothing else.
no its in my room, which is above the airing cupboard :p

the monitor was off for a while beforehand as well

ill get back to you on the last one
A microphone might have had an effect on it, but it depends on it's size. A regular $5 pc mic should not be harmful.

My friend experimental with some industrial-streghth magnets (probably 1000x more powerful then the one in your mic) on the monitors when I was in high-school, and most of them returned back to normal after 10-15 minutes.
yeah it is a cheep and crappy mic.. (Sniper sent it to me... but thats another story).... Ill have to check..