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Hey guys..

I've been thinking about it for some time now, also talked about it our IRC channel. Since I do not have much time to create mods, I will just put my idea here and you guys may set my dream to reality.

I know there is a mod for HL1 that has some similarity to it, but if this goes well, it sure will be a great mod for multiplayer.

The main idea here is pretty much like Diablo2 by the admired Blizzard North, just here the game will be played from first-person view.

You begin by creating a character and choosing its base skills. The mod should be able to save the changes of the character on specials servers or anything of that kind. The mod must also be able to resist character changes lost if one game crashes or when a player is exiting the game.
The mod will contain species of monsters and enemies that are controlled by the server's computer. After killing a monster, the character gets experience which will give it the ability to develope itself, rise its level and upgrade its skills and stats.
Another thing that should be available is forming parties that shares experience and battles other parties.
Would be necessary to create a big items system, that can be found on the ground, dropped by monsters and players or bought from NPCs (non playing characters). An item changing system should be built into the mod as well.

Those are most of the things I can think of at the moment. You guys can add some of your thoughts or ideas.
If you are serious about making a time-invested and well-designed mod, feel free to post your replies here and recruit other guys to help you making this mod a success.

It's very original, but after a large in and out of court fight, blizzard will have you shitting pancakes.
Well i like the idea and im a fan of diablo. THe problem is its gona take a lot of programming and + there is a similar MOD for CS which is Warcraft MOD..i duno thats just my thoughts
Well but the warcraft mod is just for that one game, this means that you save yours stats between servers and stuff i think.
"It's very original, but after a large in and out of court fight, blizzard will have you shitting pancakes."

Yup, the original HL Diablo mod got ripped to shreds by Blizzard. Same with the fallout one, incidently. But anyways, Personally, I'd wait until they've finished with the Diablo series before asking them if you could do it. They've told us to expect at least one more game, and a couple of expansion packs, so we will have to wait and see.
yeah, if you wanna mak an rpg use the Ultima Series. Lord British (RG) doest mind, and EA does care either.
NO REMAKES.....GRRRRR :flame: im sure u can think up a decent idea for yourself !!!!
I really do not care if the name is Diablo MOD. The idea here is to make an HL2 MOD which has similarity to Diablo2. I only meant that this MOD will be a role playing game.
Sorry if you got it wrong
hmmm, o.....k then why did u title the mod's thread Diablo mod, lol, just dont end up remaking anything, cos the world doesnt need this kinda stuff, lol
Just because you don't want to play it doesnt mean the 'whole' world doesn't want, too, right ?

Naming the thread 'DIABLO mod' surely raises more interest like 'OMG - MOD IDEA!' :cheese:
You don't have to name the mod after this thread, right ?

Ok, on topic: i'd also like to see something like Diablo in 3D, but it would only work (IMO) when this semi-random feature would be implemented. Random enemy positions shouldn't be that hard to code, if it's not already included in HL2, that is.

What's far more challenging is to get modulized map-parts that built a random map at mapstart. Either that or placing random interiors like columns, tables, shelves and torches. Good thing that HL2 features real time lighting.

Anyway, good luck with the mod
fine, lol, its just its not exactly origanal and i'd like to point out that my thread's name does suck, but still i cant change that now (unless you wanna give me moderator powers?? :D)
Originally posted by SidewinderX143
yeah, if you wanna mak an rpg use the Ultima Series. Lord British (RG) doest mind, and EA does care either.
Lord British = Gawd