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May 26, 2003
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If this was asked before, just point me to the link. I seacrched but couldn't find it so....

I remember reading an old interview (don't remember the link but i prolly found it here) about the developement of the original HL. I beleive Gabe was asked what things were left out of the game before it was shipped and he stated that they had wanted to include some feature that would let you upload your own face for you character. I'm assuming this would mean so everyone could see the face and not just yourself.

Does anyone else remember this interview? Could someone point me to the link? And does anyone think that this could be included in the multiplayer for HL2?

The only bad thing I see with it is all the little children thinking it would be great to submit a picture of one of their favorite body parts as their head

I think Quake 3 was supposed to have the same thing, but id dropped it at the last minute since they didn't want a bunch of sick people uploading pictures of their most hated person onto a Q3 skin.
they were talking about that but he just mentioned in the trepid interview that they didnt have enough time to include that plus that would be a huge violence abusement sure they will include it with HL3
It would really be neat in HL2, given that the faces are so realistic. I'd like to see how hard it is to make a skin though. Probably not as easy a task as simply dropping in a pic.
Thanks Xelnein. I couldn't remember that link for nothing. Thanks