New Radiohead - Hail to the Theif


May 24, 2003
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Amazing record! Got it yesterday, and I recommend it to anyone. If you guys like Coldplay, you will love Radiohead.
Yep, got it yesterday too...good one but not the best

But me can't put down the new Fleetwood Mac Album, pure genius it is:cheese:
i have all radioheads discography and i love it !!!!!!
the new album, its not bad but not the best, just rock/organic music and some electronic just amazing for a rock band.
ive gone off rock a bit, i still like it but trance is on my top list
I'd say....

The Bends > Pablo Honey > OK Computer > Amnesiac / Kid A > Hail to the Thief

I know a lot of people dont like pablo honey that much, but I listened to it a lot back before I was doing my GSCE's, and I think its a really good album
i think
OK Computer > The Bends/Pablo Honey > Amnesiac / Kid A > Amnesiac / Kid A