New really cool Havoc demonstration

heh thats cool stuff, better then the other one in my mind :cheers:
Nice find! Something to keep us occupied until the new vids land (new content or no new content)

LOL this is well cool, i turned on random detach and had a jump motion, waited until he jumped in the air and then applied the force - the top half of his body flew off and his legs just fell to the ground!
Hehe thats fun. Especially with auto slow-mo. I dont think its havok either, well it seems a bit borked, so it might be havok 1 and not havok2
I dunno, the bottom right control panel is titled Havok Properties.

<edit> This is what's written next to it on the demo list

Ragdoll physics have recently come to the forefront with recent commercial games. This demo uses the Havok physics engine to provide the ragdoll to great effect. Even though the Havok xtra doesn't directly support ragdolls, like the actual Havok lib, it provides enough options to generate the effect. The skeleton starts as a skinned mesh, when it is 'shoot' it switches to rigidbody support to enable the skeleton bones to interact with the scene.

So yeah, Havok :D </edit>

cool find! I was making Matrix recreations with the auto slo mo....
That thing confused the hell out of me. So many buttons and weird cam controls.

Btw, Off Topic thread is having a mod go crazy :( He's closed like 6 threads.

Edit: Oh my dear God he's HERE TOO! *hides*
I managed to get him to pile-drive himself right ontop of the crates... OW.