NS Single-Player story competition


Jun 3, 2003
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Hey guys! There's a competition going on for writing a story for NS (Natural Selection) and the prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is Half-Life 2! Not early or anything, just as soon as the game comes out. I couldn't find much to guarantee you'd actually recieve a prize either ;( but still, writing is fun!

OK, I admit, I would have told you yesterday, but I wanted a jump on y'all. They're taking submissions at http://spns.thehivemind.org in the "Story Submissions" section of the forum.


And try to keep your stories in one thread, at least until you need a second one, since there's a rather large 100,000 character limit on each thread.
shit thats not official NS stuff, its aload of dog bollox made by some fans with no clue how to do shit lol.
Wait for the NS team to do it.
Dont waste your time writing the story :p
aww, you take the fun out of it :(
I really hope the NS team does it, but this has given me a direction for my summer. My story's already too long and too well planned out (believe me, I never do this. Before this, my plans consisted of "There's a guy. And he's cool. He has guns. And Kung-Fu.") to ditch.

I need more feedback. Wanna see the first chapter? and if so, where should I post it, seeing as there's no "Natural Selection Fanfic" forum.
nah thanks mate.... I'll stick to the:
'There's a guy. And he's cool. He has guns. And Kung-Fu.' stories n games, they're always best :p
Heh, alright howser. Oh, and Flayra (of NS) ok'ed singleplayer, but with an "addon" status instead of "mod" status. If we call it a mod we're in "in the drink."