Operation Everlasting Shadow (a slightly different take on the HL universe)

May 15, 2003
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Well, given the recent trend for mods to promote themselves on the General Discussion forum (which personally I think is a good idea... keeping the General Editing forum for ideas and queries:) [before Cerberus complains ;)] )

Well, I'm Badger (duh!) and I am going to talk about my team's mod: Operation Everlasting Shadow. Like JLOT (guinny's mod) we are actually quite far ahead in development... the only thing that is not firing on all cylinders is the multiplayer mode (mainly due to the fact that the netcode will be very important.. and we don't have a coder for that side of the team).

Let me explain.... Operation Everlasting Shadow is really two mods in one... which will be available for download separately.... the reason being that they will appeal to different people.

The Multiplayer Mode (Battleground: Black Mesa)

Set actually during the Black Mesa disaster this is teamplay deathmatch with a difference: The server is split into many (about 5) different maps... with 3 (maximum) teams battling it out in TF size (NOT style or content) maps for objectives... however the result in each map affects the other maps... for example the Marines are defending an Control Center against Xen and Race X aliens (immediatly this gives rise to the opportunity to backstap and ally)..... every 5 minutes that the control center resides under Marine control... they can call down airstrikes on the other maps maps.... the overall winner will be determined on the main map

Xen aliens
Black Mesa employees
Race X
Black Ops

(those are all the details I have the moment... I should be able to give more information after another conference with the B:BM team leader)

The Singleplayer Mode (Operation Everlasting Shadow)

Operation Everlasting Shadow sees you as Agent 151... A Black Op of Opposing Force fame. Expect some rather interesting features including Kung Fu... special abilities and skill lists.... Stealth is a viable option...never forced on you, multiple routes through levels.... well here is a sample of the plot:

Initiating System, please wait...
[System Initiated]
Please enter your ID: * * * * * *
Please enter your password: * * * * * * *
Processing Infomation, Please Wait...
[Welcome to Server #16, Officer Barnes] (
Checking internal email inbox, Please wait...
[You have (1) new email]

>From: Traffic Monitoring
>To: Officer Barnes
>Subject: TOP SECRET

>Sir, I just recovered this email from the traffic monitor, this was all we could get before our server was hacked by some
>sort of trojan program, we think it may have been uploaded during that electrical surge last week.
>Whatever it was, it was made by someone who knew what they were doing - we're still trying to fix the damage.

Opening Attachment, Please wait...

>+++Transmission Intercepted+++

>150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for b.tgz (16666 bytes)...
>226 Transfer complete..

>From: 1723/7 <1723/[email protected]>
>To: Agent 151 AgPR@relations***
>Subject: Operation Everlasting Shadow

>Shortly after the sucessful conclusion of Operation Black Bag it was discovered that a number of unauthorised
>members of the Black Mesa Security Force and a number of Marines escaped the unpleasent... events that recently
>occured at The Black Black Mesa Research Facilty.
>Since then they have disappeared from all of our records. Agents 572 and 117 tracked one of the marines (known as
>Barnes to his men) to a U.S military base in Alaska. Unfortunatly contact has been lost with Agents 572 and 117 -
>however, the Intel they have gathered suggests that an unknown number of the 'problems' are hiding out there, under
>close U.S military guard. If the idiot Generals work out the exact nature of our treaty and involvement with Xen the
>entire operation will be under threat. You and you team will be inserted at 2300 hours on ||.987982347989732


>/sbin/portal deleted
>Server Connection Terminated......
>Switching to backup server, please wait..........backup server online

>989809909.|||Barnes must not be informed of the Agent's presence, if he is... we could be dealing with a fully armed
>military base, as opposed to a dormant one. You must also find out what happened to Agents 117 and 572 and
>recover/destroy any evidence of their presence. Furthermore the City 17 probl|||.9827373


>WARNING: Permanently added '' (RSA) to list of known hosts.
>[*] server_user: root:skey
>[*] keyboard-interactive method available
>[*] chunk_size: 4096 tcode_rep: 0 scode_rep 60
>[*] mode: exploitation
>uname -a;i
>UNIX unix 17.3.532 GENERIC#94 i386.
>uid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel).


>read(): Connection reset by peer

[End of email]
Delete? Y/N
Email Deleted.

[You are now leaving Server #16, Officer Barnes] (

thanks for reading this far... :) comments please :)
sounds good and interesting, The MP part sounds more doubtful, but then again, maybe you'l haft to try it :)
best of luck badger, sounds like uve got a great mod coming up, cant wait to play it!
same goes for your mod guinny :) best of luck to you too :cheers: .... the mp idea is still really in concept... the sp idea is far advanced... :)
hey if the mp is feasible, y not? sounds cool to me. i have a feeling me and badgers mods are gonna be favorites :)
oh also that grey city mod sounds hot if they can pull it off
Well, I'm sure we can pull it off, and I'm even more sure this is going to be a classic... :p
We're all putting all we can into it at the moment, and shall contiue into the forseeable future and beyond...

And good luck to everyone making Mods
Yeah... I second that... i reckon that ur mod sounds cool too guinny :)


best of luck y'all
1 more post badger ;)

and yea gl to everyone, no competition, just a big ass happy community with alot of mod variety
well, for those who havn't seen it before ... here is stone's render of the G36C :) enjoy
i believe uve seen my g36 render for our mod, guess this damn gun is popular now eh?

well.... if you want to b difficult... we had it first... and then Sidewinder did... yeh i guess it is the gun of choice... thats cos its so prettyful

/me strokes G36C
Yer ours is the G36C though, the compact one, and I'm going to redo it, i'm just not happy enough with it :( oh well :p
The G36 is an excellent weapon. I say so only coz I played Rogue Spear alot and it was the best gun ^_^ no arguments please.

Anyways both your renders look excellent, and that E-mail transcript thingee is just genius :D

BTW... did I read right?

[You are now leaving Server #16, Officer Barnes]

;) Sounds compelling.
Originally posted by Bad^Hat

that E-mail transcript thingee is just genius :D

BTW... did I read right?

[You are now leaving Server #16, Officer Barnes]

;) Sounds compelling.

thanks :cheers: that was my idea.. the email transcript and you did read right :) and to keep you salivating here is a render of Stone's USP tactical with accessories :)
well, I'm here to welcome Farrowlesparrow... YAY!

Welcome Farrowlesparrow, now we need EVIL and we've got all the regulars ... hint, hint :p

can't wait to work with you...

And if anyone else wants to join us, PM either me or MrBadger...

Well I've been working on some new models, and when I get permission, I'll post them for all you "lovely" people to look at :p
You should finish SP first, i like to see more sp mods, but, after SP is finished give MP a shot.
well, we have two seperate teams currently working on OES and the Multiplayer version...

So there should really be no problem with time frame...