Passing Time Before HL2 (Games to try)


May 25, 2003
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System Shock 2:

You guys should try it sometime. It's a really great game.
It is sort of FPS/RPG like Deus Ex, but a little bit older. has it for download, it's 250 megs or so.
I bought it though, the CD version has movies and stuff which that version doesn't. And it's cheap on ebay.

True Combat (Q3 Mod):

A Mod for q3, quite realistic. "Iron Sights" (putting the gun up to your eye to aim) is required due to no crosshair ever, and if you don't have it in iron sights, your aim is VERY eratic.

SkiStunt Simulator:

A Hilarious Game, that is meant to simulate skiing.
It isn't available for download anymore, but if you go to and search for "skistunt" you should find it. It's about 5 megs, but has cool physics. (It's a 2d game also, that uses the mouse soley to control it)

Post your ideas for other games to pass time.
I'm sorry but this is just stupid:

First-person shooters as popularized by Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, etc.

that's off that underdogs page....

I ask you where is Half-life :p

(before I get the DUH! comments I do know)