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Can somebody post up the miimum requirments for HL2 im currently running my games on a lameass pentium 3 500MHZ i dont think this is enough, u think its time to upgrade is so what would be my best choices be to play music and video games so i wont have to upgrade in a while and my budget right now is only around 700 dollars

You need at least a Pentium 700Mhz and a DX6-class video card, those are the minimum requirements.

For $700 you can build a system that will run HL2, but don't expect it run with max settings, maybe for about $1000 you can build a good gaming rig.
some idea.

here is what i told someone else about buying a new comp.. it comes near the price range you are in.. hf.


today, just for kicks... i put together a machine under 1000, everything considered.. ie shipping, tax. and this is what it ended up being. -
tried to stick to two/three sites - to cut back on shipping costs and just to add simplicity to buying.. as well as not putting your credit card on the web a limited number of times.. heh.

hl2 machine –


MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR nForce2


GEIL DDR RAM 512MB PC-3200 Value 400MHz Ultra

WesternDigital 120GB 7200rpm hd

ANTEC SOHO File ServerTower w/400w ps

MSI (MS-8152) 52X IDE CD-ROM

MSI MS-8352A 52x24x52 IDE CD-RW


in summary... newegg and googlegear haven't screwed me over yet, however you could probably find a few items for cheaper if you wanted to by from a lesser known/less user approved site.
yes..yes.. the sony disk drive is a little loud, and upgrade to a 9800 pro if you want to break 1000 by a bit... if not.. go ahead and buy two of these and give one to me for helping. 8)

total: $885.48
w/ tax: 938.61
w/ shipping( depending ): 975.00


you could always kick the video card down to a 9500 pro, the processor down to around a 2200+ but i wouldn't cut back too much further.

gl. zach.
Yes those choices obove do sound tempting but i think ill use that info and buy all that stuff from fry's or another electronic store in cash ill save shipping and handeling charges an even save more money thanks for the info. Jag&Xel oh yeah xel i think that wont be happenng all i can give is a handshake and maybe a buck.
you could upgrade to a AMD 2600+ w/decent motherboard 512 ram and a Radeon 9600pro for $700 though that is just for the stuff i listed
Does that HD have an 8MB buffer though? That seems to really be worth the extra money as far as getting good performance.

Personally, I'm going full bore for a 3Ghz Intel with the new 800Mhz mobos (serial ATA all the way baby!)
eh i found my rig for $565 (entire case with all internals) it consists of:

Enermax ATX-midtower 350PS (Black) .very sexy.
A7N8X Deluxe (NForce 2)
XP2500 (Overclocks like a mother)
Corsair XMS 3200 512mb ram (btw geil ram sux0rz)
Western Digital "Special Edition" 80 gig 7200rpm 8mg cache
Lite-On CDROM/CDRW/DVD 48x24x48x16x (Black)
Lite-On CDROM 52x (Black)
Samsung 1.44 Floppy drive (Black)

all from newegg.com i didnt include vid card because i have one and ill get a 9800pro later for my b-day.

Edit: cut the corners where it doesnt hurt and think of the future, hence the a7n8x = athlon64 in future large hd, prolly wont even use half(i dont download pr0n or music) and very overclockable ram. i cut corners on the cpu because the 2500 will overclock almost to a 3000+ and is inexpensive. case is only 60 bucks but is very pretty and a tolerable PS. Lite-On are relativly cheap but good quality.
btw go ahead and comment/critisize me furture comp. be constructive though :dozey:
Originally posted by MF-BoltressHL2
you could upgrade to a AMD 2600+ w/decent motherboard 512 ram and a Radeon 9600pro for $700 though that is just for the stuff i listed

WTF?!!! Thats such bullshit, I could get that for under $400
why buy now?

Wait 3 months, then you'll get a better rig, same price, right on release!
does anyone know of a good but cheap ($100-$200) flat faced, CRT, 19" monitor?
Spamboo, check the other post, nighttrain, exactly what im doin.
King, your the mother bleeper that took the last Lite On Combo drive! That was supposed to be mine! I have my cart ready to go, but won't have the money for another week or so. I was so upset when it said sorry, we're sold out.
king, good call with the 2500. Those things cost like $85 and you can overclock the bus from 166 to 200. After that, you have pretty much a 3200+.

However, that idea that you can use that motherboard with athlon 64 is false, for a fwe reasons. First off, the socket is different. Athlone 64 will have 700+ pins, so fitting it in a socket A motherboard is a bit, difficult. Also the bus is no longer in the northbirdge, but on the cpu (unless im crazy). Wishfull thinking though =D.

I personally will have a computer of the extra cheap form before hl2 comes out.

barton 2500+
abit nf7-s
512(2x256) kingston pc3200 memory
lite on 52x CD-rom driver (i dont burn or watch movies)
raidmax case w/350 watt psu
30gb 7200 rpm seagate HDD
viewmag 17" monitor (cheap at the best buy)

I am getting a radeon 9500, should show up at my house tomarrow now that i think about it. I will unlock and oc that bady asap.
I really don't know too much about moniters, but aren't 19" ones pretty expensive? expecislly flat CRTs?