May 24, 2003
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Most game makers create graphics engines with a bit of physics slapped on top (Do i hear DoomIII in the distance?) or do what valve have done which is integrate it more and have more emphasis on physics than most games.

Wouldn't it be cool if they created a physics engine. What i mean is basically, if you say something is clay, it takes on the look, texture and all the other properties of clay, it pretty much becomes clay, only in the computer. (This might sound like what valve has done buts its not) What I'm trying to explain is an engine where you wouldn't need all these textures etc. All you would need is to say. This is steal, and it would look like steal and be steal. I'm not sure how to explain my idea, it all seems ok inside my head but i cant get it out. Its like you would basically recreate the elements only inside a computer. Gah i hope someone understands what I'm saying. What I'm trying to say would likely take up so much power you would need a quantum computer or something.
That would be good, and yeah i understand. But it's a long way off as far as i'm concerned :(

Also, i was thinking of a Sound Physics system, that actually produces sounds without needing pre-produced sounds. For example, metal falls on another type of metal. All the properties of the metals are taken into account, like shape, etc and add it all into an equation of voila, a realistic sound, that won't be repeated every 2 seconds.

But it is such a pipe-dream. Maybe one day though. I can dream :)
It will likely be announced the day i die:) Although they are working on quantum computers so who knows.
there is a physics engine......and it's in HL2..... :p its called Havok.. (im not sure if thats exactly what u mean but still)
hmmm, i understand you, but although it's probably possible even with today's technology, I think it'll be a while before they do try it...

So just wait until Half-Life 3 when they do give it to us, and you can melt down that clay wall with your flame thrower :p
you mean a material standard... seems pretty neat. however it will be a bit harder if you have complex materials mixed etc.. for example

Say you have a wall. this wall is made off brick. with plaster on it.. so this would mean that you have to model the brick and the plaster. because if you shoot @ the wall.. then the plaster will be easieler damaged that the somewhat harder brinck. and you would need to see the layers if you shoot a big hole in it.

this would also count for human skin.. you cut in a arm then you cant cut further then the bone. So you would need to build a skeleton inside the skin and muscles. so you would basicly need to model the whole human anotemy.. but it would indeed be much more realistic

Maby in Half-Life³
well I'm sure they said that all the physics would be able to be applied to the models... hmm, I think a person made completely out of wood would be cool, you could shoot of limbs and stuff... hehe