Put Put HL2



Put Put HL (name will probably change)

The idea:

Basicly miniature golf for HL2.


Multiplayer only

Free for all
Team match


Teams will be based on diffrent themes... for example one team would be HL2 themed so you could have Gordon, Gman, Alex and a scientist. Another team could be based on DOD so you could have US paratrooper, Brit, Kraut rifleman and a kraut Machine gunner. Except they'll all be about 3 feet tall, goofy looking and have huge heads. Probably have their own custom putters too... Gordon would get a crowbar putter, Axis rifleman would get a Kar98 type putter, etc.


Maps will be themed after HL,HL2 and the many diffrent MOds.


-Each player will only be able to interact with their on golf ball (to prevent people from messing around).

-Will probably use a turn based system to prevent people from doing things like blocking your shots/view. PRobably a timer to keep people from taking to long too.

-Tie would result in one of the many infamous golf riots (teams beat each other).


What do you guys think? It just suppose to be a mod you can lay back and enjoy without getting frustrated. HL2 already has the physics needed to make most of this work. If anyone interested i currently need everything/everyone... infact i want to get some help before i get started. Hmm... maybe even make a 8ball (pool) HL using the same characters.... hmm...

So i'm in need of:


Concept Artist's

3d Artist's

2D Artist's

Sound artist's



Anyone at all interested?

Pretty funny what you can come up with when you're thinking about creating a realistic urban combat mod.
Wow, sounds like a cool mod...but i cant help you in your needs sorry :(
Nice ideas silverbullet :] That will definitly make an interesting mod. The part with the riot you may want to fix though. Or people will just try and get a draw on purpose just so they can bust each other up. Perhaps you should let them go at it after every hole they complete... only.. the winning team of that hole has a slight advantage... say a stronger crowbar or somethin :p :] But anyway sounds great GL ;]
*cough* It's putt not put *cough*

Sounds cool. nice idea. more great mods for hl2....
You could make a Games Pack mod, which includes Golf, Pool, Tennis, etc. Then again, I'm not the one making the mod, so...
that really sounds like fun :afro: good luck to you guys!
Nice to see you guys are open to the idea.

I wasnt really serious about the riot, but i do think there will need to be a mini-game('s) so people dont get bored waiting for the other players to finish/take their turn.

Damn i originally wrote it down as "Putt" but when i typed it out it just didnt look right so i changed it... oh well... i did say the name was going to change.

That was the original idea... Pool and Tennis would actually be pretty easy to make playable/enjoyable. The problem is the lack of a team.

I think i've figured out how to make golf, pool and tennis work. Will probably need to check with a coder to see if they're all feasible... though i'm 99% sure they all are.

That main goal right now is to get some help... unfortunately looks like i'll need to make a website to be able to generate more (read: any) interest. Guess i'll see if i can get a concept artist and make a website using some of his/her images.
hmmm, no TK'ing....

if you want to make this good, everyone gets like an amount of time to hit their ball or they lose a turn
yer pritty cool, maybe have the fighting bit, while people wait to take their turn..cos that can be boring sometimes :cheese:
why the hell would anyone want to play putt putt golf in a first person shooter. If you wanna go play golf then buy a damn golf game