Show us your desktop



C'mon, I want to see those wallpapers, pr0n folder links etc ;)

Heres mine, I have my icons in columns, one for gamez, appz, misc, and system related, but I have no games at the mo :(


Pretty boring I know, just formatted it a week ago :D
ROFL!, lol that desktop made me laugh, I bet you named those icons/shortcuts just to post on the forum right ?,uhhh...right ?
I spotted

-Half Life 2 tech demo.exe
-Q4 leaked alpha
-Half life 2 folder
-A half life tech demo internet window
-A donkey porn internet window
-A stalker tech demo
-CS 2 beta.exe

What did i miss?
My Desktop
Copy Shortcut and paste it in adress window (Damn tripod)
This has not been photoshopped, this is my friends actual desktop (pic taken without his knowledge :)


this is my wallpaper without all my icons in it. i usally just have recycle bin, my computer, and 1 folder named programs that has all my icons in it.
why dont u guys put all ur icons in a single folder, ur computer actually boots up faster and its not as crowded :monkee: :naughty:

|MAAATT| send me that wallpaper!!!!!!!!

I'll send in my desktop when I get home... till then heres the computer I'm on :D
Bad^Hat: are U from Japan ??
Ill show U my desktop when Im home `_^
being as it i have opfor and halflife, i want to try blue shift....but im not paying a nickle for it...someone snd it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by xXSMGXx
Hy TbI u 3APA3A ! : ))
That is in russian, lol

Òâîÿ Wallpaper ? :) Åñëè äà, òî êðóòî ñäåëàë :)
Hey there. First post and you may wanna see my desktop. Don't start anti-rapping at me :D
Fear my "meh"-inspiring wallpaper! (much of the quality is lost...mainly because print screen hates me)
Also note my lack of any game other than HL. I have to completely rely on my X-box for entertainment, for the time being. Woe is me...

Originally posted by Rossell
Hey there. First post and you may wanna see my desktop. Don't start anti-rapping at me :D

Hey wtf, rap is good man :hmph: that yea...blows ass.
*looks in vain for thenerdguy's wallpaper*
Ooook...nice invisible wallpaper. By the in god's name can you like that mediocore piece of garbage that's named "Enter the Matrix"?! The fact that it's mentioned in the same sentence as UT2003 almost makes me want to jump off a cliff. Unreal 2 was a 'meh' game too in my opinion. Anyway, to each his own. Now, it's time for me to jump off a cliff.