Space Combat Mod


May 13, 2003
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Well, so many "ideas" so I thought I might as well share mine.

Firstly, this all depends on the SDK. The mod will be confirmed when I see the code.

Illuminati-Fighter is a Space Combat Half-Life mod. We are in alpha stages, and we already have internal playable releases.
We are not just another "full of ideas, lack of production" mod like a lot i see here, we have a coder, a few modellers, plenty mappers, sound engineers and musicians.

We may be moving over to the Source engine. While we wait for Half-Life 2 and a SDK, it couldnt hurt to get busy with the modelling. We need people to do some models for the hl1 mod, which can then be used in the hl2 mod (depending on which tools you use). You MUST be able to skin your models, if you can't, dont bother contacting me. Animation is not necessary at this stage. You will be mainly modelling space fighters and perhaps some world objects.

If your interested, email me here - [email protected]