Steam.. omg? :P

Did you just add it manually for a laugh?
Thats just the silly "11 to 8" hack that was posted here a couple of times. It's neither playable or 12 MB in reality. Those are the details for whatever the game in slot #8 is.
No i did not.. Im as serious as i can be . I can take another print screen if you want to?
Funny, only you have it, you must be The One.
Maybe you're right.. But.. What game would it be in that case :O
It might be the game your tryna play with us by changing some files.

Its nothing untill they activate it then it may be hl2 media or hl2 itself eventually.
I was just curios.. I have got my answers and NO ONE HAS TO POST MORE HERE.. Case closed!
the 12MB comes from the platform directory, look at it, the platform file is 12,288 KB ;)
Platform is just the folder for storeing updates to steam - that includes the server browser ETC.

so bleh!

¬ Lobster
Me as a long time user must say that it is just a small thing used to download or purchase HL2 with..usually there is a small platform like for counter strike 1.6 that will download it
SMG time to change the video card in your sig lucky bastard:)
i have steam 2.0 but where can i get cs 1.6 for it now?
Open up the Steam main menu, click games, and double click Counter-Strike
Originally posted by guinny
SMG time to change the video card in your sig lucky bastard:)

Wow good observation m8..thnx i almost forgot :)