Striders: Creature, robot, biomech?


May 27, 2003
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Do we know for sure yet what exactly striders are yet? They look rather like alien creature (spikies on the legs, crab-like joints and head-shell), but in the screenshot it has painted markings like the Combine soldiers and appears to have built-in laser and that 'warp' weapon, so it could also be a robot or a vehicle (driver and gunner in the cockpit somewhere).

My personal guess is that it's a biomech, a creature modified with weapons and armour.
maybe there is no solution, other than the Valve team taking a dose of LSD while watching "War of the worlds", then proceeding to brainstorm new monsters afterwards...

yah...the striders and that flying thing is pretty confusing...they seem so organic, but then they have these weird weapons aswell that doesn't really seem to fit them all that well...
Ya they are deffinatly part of the Combine.

I have pictures posted in a moment...
Its got a Wobbly abdomen for a gun so who knows.?

Just watch in the vids it looks realy weird.!
I agree with Mullinator.... I reckon it's part of the Combine...

can't wait for pics btw :), I havn't seen all the HL2 videos, only those that came with PCGamer
the striders are definatly creatures from a biomech alien race witch is apperently part off the combine. I think the combine soldiers are arrested humans (that once lived in city 17) and are in controll by some sort off combine biomech creature that sit's in the tower. thats my idea
Take a look at the symbols on these two, one is the combine soldier from the jail screen and the other is a shot of the top of a strider.

Same symbol isnt it?

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Yeah.. it looks like tis the same symbol indeed. only the one on the strider is a inverted (negative) version from the one on the soldier's back. and the fleying helicopter creature dident attacked the combine soldiers.. only you so that means that they are the same. (troops are in controll by the combine IMO)
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btw. it's still not inverted/negative...and I can prove it ;)
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k...I'll prove it. just wanted to give you one last change to bend in the dust and aknowledge that you were wrong :p

well...of course proof is what proof can be in this case...this means that you could always argue that I'm wrong...but if you look at this in a logical way you will know that I am right.

first off, it is not a's not even the same colour scheme so it's pretty obvious that it's not a negative. since asuming those are clean colors used, the black would be white and vice versa.

now to the second part. the coloured areas aren't inverted either(I'm assuming by inverted you mean that the coloured areason the combine is what is left "blank"(canvas colour) on the strider and vice versa)

this is not true either....remember that just because something is black or dark, doesn't mean that it's the painted part(white chalk on black paper)....I'm a little suprised that you Evil with you graphic background didn't catch on to this. look at the following logic, I would assume that the black colour is the background colour...or the blank spaces at the "canvas"(being the black square) since the black is in abundance(sp?) and you also got the white numbers. so I would assume that actually this is white print on black background/canvas not the other way around.

now if you look at the strider and apply same would assume that the darker red is the painted part, since the lighter "strider colour" is its base colour. now the the dark red on the strider is painted just like the white on the no invertiness there either.

although the black in the combines symbol is closer to the red-ish colour on the'd have to look at the "Canvas's" blank and coloured areas instead....since black doesn't translate into red...but blank canvas transaltes into blank canvas....

you see what I mean?
MAN... that you go trough all this trouble to prove it. I looked at both pictures for 2 seconds and they kinda resembled eachother so I said they where the same. sjeehs :)
i dont think you understand what i mean. if you ensist I will back my first secon thought;s about the symbol up with a nice photoshop quicky :) but first i have to spend more quality time on the forums because badger is treying to steal my no1 poster status :)
Okey.. this explains the logo's on the back. they look very similar but ass you can see there are some diffrences.

If you take the dark area's from the logo and convert it ass a black and white version. and ad a negative filter ontop off it then you would have almost the same symbol ass the symbol on the combine soldiers back. see image:


Only ass you can see the basic sturcture and the style off the symbols are similar, but the symbols self are diffrent. As you can see the symbols on the combine look like they are 2 white qwart circles. However the sybol on the strider look like they are 2 half circles. see image:


also the background shape is diffrent the strider has a vertical reversed drop and the soldier has a circle. I dont know what the shape means so dont ask me. but i have a theorie on why the basic black and white image is negative on the soldier and positive on the strider, because the soldier with the black mask is a soldier that only operates inside (explains the use off a black mask to get not detected) and the positive image off the strider explains that is a creature unit that can only be deploid outside. (I bet the fleying helicopter creature unit has a positive symbol).

This brings me to the conclusion that they are both part off the combine forces and that the symbolls on thier back are a way of telling what kind off unit they are. a sort off code system that tells what is what. and where it can be deployd etc

I hope this explains some things and it sure raises some question about the exact use off the symbols.

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lOol.. I like to analize things. Nothing wrong with that.
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now thats exactly what I thought...
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yep, now theres proof that they ARE Combine.... I said it alll along... and they said I was crazy ... :p
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Evil u smock!

Only ass you can see the basic sturcture and the style off the symbols are similar, but the symbols self are diffrent. As you can see the symbols on the combine look like they are 2 white qwart circles. However the sybol on the strider look like they are 2 half circles. see image:

the stuff you mention here got absolutely nothing to do with what you first said...this got absolutely nothing to do with negatives or inverted're talking about an all together new symbol dude.

also you're still messing up the negative I said, following logic the soldiers symbol is "White print on Black background(blank canvas)" now just because the red pattern on the strider is closer to black, doesn't mean that it replaces black! now if you use my first argument the White stuff is what is printed on an empty background(being black for the combine soldier and being the brighter yellow-ish base colour of the strider)...this mean that the red on the strider simply replaces the white on the combine soldier...there is no negatives nor any reverted blank/painted canvas stuff.

also even if I agree with you that they might be different symbols, symbolising what kind of troop they might ever stopped to think about that maybe they are actually the same symbol? remember that the "shell" of the strider seems very uneven and is also a curved surface....perhaps what we're seeing is actually a perfect circle(as on the combine soldier) just looking a bit odd because of both the angle and the uneven surface it has been applied to(notice you use a total flat surface when tilting the symbol)...although I agree with you that it does look like it has a drop and that those might be two half circles instead of quarts...I see it's entirely possible for it to be the same symbol...the prolonged shape could in fact be a trick on the eye...because the the two assumed half circles are indeed quart-circles instead only going half down the full circle...making it look like in an odd angle and curved surface to be a drop.

I guess only time will tell...I'm looking forward to the direct feeds...I think we'll be able to study the symbols in the strider sequence if we get rid of the blurry-ness.

ps. the indoor/out-door was far fetched...
This is all just an elaborte way for you two to get more posts. That or you're really really boring and argue about a few little words.
we're not boring...we're bored...there's a difference....I don't this for post counts...I don't care about post counts either and I really doubt that EVIL does either.
can be farfetched. and i never sait that they ere positive the same symbol.. as i explained i looked @ the pictures for 2 seconds and i notised some basic resemblances i just said they where they looked the same. i did not said that i am 100% convinced they where the same.
I think the word "combine" implies a combination of mechanical and bio technology and at least striders and the hover craft have both.

Yus it clear theres a alien presents to the combine an to the strider for certain. I think its more of a two sided affair rather than HL1 where it was Freeman,the aliens, and the army,