TF2 - HL2's Multiplayer?


May 19, 2003
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Yeah rumours are going around that it will be released as its multiplay for HL2. A source from E3 asked them about TF2 and they said they didnt wanna say anything about TF2 because it will give away to much about HL2. So we can only pray for this to be true.
pray my ass!

I hope they either release it ALONG with normal MP or later. Not the only source of MP with the retail. Cuz then what about the gravity gun?! and all those other funky contraptions that would own it up on multiplayer. Nothing can be better than thrusting a barrell or mattress at someone with incredible speed.
The physics in the single player part (judging from the movies from E3) look absolutely fantastic, but how will physics work in multiplayer? Won't there be a problem with sending all the physics information packets to all the players? Are you perhaps scaling the physics engine down for multiplayer?

Gabe Newell: Well, the simple answer is that there are client-side and server-side physics behaviors. You use client-side when maintaining cross-client coherence isn't important. This cuts down network traffice while maintaining the appearance of physical simulation throughout the world... it's definable per-object, so exactly what's client vs. server simulated is tunable."

I could be wrong, now gabe doesnt mention anything about about the gravity gun or ability to pick up things and launch them at people....he might be trying to answer this question in a different way but not letting people know that TF2 will be the multiplayer for HL2. Then again he just might not want to give any information away about HL2 online capabilities or how it will work...which they already mentioned that they wont until later on...which i find very homosexual.