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Jun 8, 2003
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Post your mod name and website. This way itll be easy for people to find mods and find out info on them.

Yes, if you like Spammers and a seriously immature and useless community, Moddb is fine :dozey:
Sorry, i wasnt aware that there already was a place for this.
hmm.. this mod collection idea was posted before want it
-Liberation of Seoul - Korean War
-Already in development for BF1942
-Plans on moving to HL2 upon release of Software Dev. Kit.
-Site will be up within a week(we lost hosting due to engine change).
-Looking for a few extra hands, lost a few staff when we moved to HL2.

If your intrested in helping out, email me at [email protected], or contact me via ICQ(153065319), AIM(slypieee), MSN([email protected])
28 Days Later

No website yet, single player mod.

Look at topic called "Idea-" for more information.
Originally posted by green1152
It looks as though lots of people have migrated to from and You may not know me, Sherrill, but I tink I remember talking to you on a IRC channel once or twice. bf42'ers UNITE!

Yeap I'm from too :). One big happy family it seems!
I noticed that The Mystic Quest mod hasn't posted, so I'll post it in the interim.

The Mystic Quest

A tale of three peoples, two brothers, bound into one quest.

Contact Neros for further information.
Thanks Draklyne...
sorry i dident get TMQ posted her....

Also forgot to tell what the main races would be in the singleplayer part....

Terrans: The story focuses one a Terran(Everon) and his friends who
seeks their past and creators...

Phagons: The phagons is a lesser main race... They become friends with Everon and his little group, and send 3 of their warriors with him, to help him and find their own past....

Zirons: These are the bad guys.... they to seek their past, but they seek it for power... Everons Brother, who is overtaken by a energy from and artifact and turned evil, joins the Zirons....

The multiplay part will have maybe more than 10 races to choose from... but for the first realese we will setle with 4-5....
These races can be seen in my dev on the forums....
Im called Logan on the TMQ forum....
The races you can see there is the old ones... cause of allot of thinges we are gona redo, things i have learned, we are redoing all the characters and races....

i thought i recognised the name Fokkerpro and Sherrill, i also, am from forums, however i have eveyr intention on finishing Galactic Conquest too.
Hey sherrill :)

Someone asked me today if the BHD mod was still goin for BF, is it ?
Originally posted by Shirow
Yeap I'm from too :). One big happy family it seems!

LOL I am from too, [NL]Maverick :cheers: