the mighty ducks will win the cup.

This hockey or what ?, nah, I dont watch hockey it ent on in the UK :(
Peanuts! What do you mean peanuts! Im sure you must be alking about apples, or possibly oranges.
I'm betting on the Ducks. Though I was hoping for the Sens or the Leafs to go all the way. Figured the Leafs wouldn't make it because they're so damn inconsistent this year, though the Sens should've beat the Devils. That last game...stank. That's all I have to say. In any case, Game 3 in the finals was the face-off. So great.

Just to revive this in time for game 7. Kariya deserves a game 6 bravery award. I'm glad he came back and sent a message to the devils.
Who would've guessed that the Mighty Ducks would be one victory away from a championship? unreal.
Well, as I post this, Game 7 is now a 1min and 30sec in. Lets see what happens...