The new guy..


Jul 4, 2003
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Hello everyone, I'm ugh, well, the new guy...
I have been modelling and mapping for ut2k3, but man, i just watched the teaser trailer for half life 2 and i had to go get some clean underpants, and come back here and get started on some modelling, and stuff in preperation for the Sept. 30 release date, although the dude at gamestop told me if i reserved my copy i wouldn't get it until Oct 1 cuz he said thats when they are going on sale :sniper:

But I can't wait!
:cheers: Thanks for the reply!, and happy 4th of july everyone!
I'm sure i'll enjoy it here :cool:
In memory of Zermvibski..."Yo"
What do you mean "in memory of..", I'm not bloody dead!

LOL thanks for the welcome guys, I hang around a bit, but this place seems friendlier, (cgtalk really isn't geared towards games people, mostly high poly artists that think game art is below them) but i like it here so far
Lets just see if this sig works. Or if that profile page wasn't lieing to me and image code actually isn't off.


Gasp... Apparently they weren't lieing... damn. :flame:

wait a second. had to click this enable sig button. lets see what happens now.


Damn, no signature for me, just some half assed pic I found on google of lunatic pandora lol.