Top 10 signs your mod is doomed


May 18, 2003
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This is ment partly in jest, but its also from reading countless websites of countless mods that have not made it. Lets be frank, most of the mods listed at moddb are totally dead.

#1.Mod is based on movie/show/book/anime
"Lawsuits? Like AOL-Time-Warner has lawyers? As if!"

#2.Mod leader does not program c++
"But I'm a totally awsome modeler and I can even make websites"

#3.Mod leader uses l33t speak
"0f cOUR$e 1'M m4TuRE eNOU9H T0 le4d! "

#4.Mod leader spams posts
"If I don't make enough posts, I'll never find enough people to do the work for me!"

#5.Game plan promises single player, multiplayer deathmatch and co-op.
" will have multiplayer along WITH the epic 12-chapter single player!"

#6.Mod leader refuses to use proper grammer
"lol, just thought we shud all try and write sum song lyrics for, lol !!!!!!!"

#7.Mod has switched games 2 or more times
"first we were for half-life, then quake III cause it had better graphics. But then Unreal Tournament 2003 came out! Hey, did you just see the HL2 movies!?!"

#8.Mod leader is in it for money/power
"and then we'll win the contest cause our mod will obviously be the best, and we can use the money for..."

#9.Mod leader uses makes highly unnecessary use of animated smilies.
" :afro: :cheers: :bounce: :eek: "

#10.Mod leader has time to make inane posts.
Can't forget #11: He thinks he knows what he is talking about when it comes to a mod's failure and mod's success.
take it from me:

LGW isn't voiding copyrights

Was iffy on UT2k3, didnt know Unreal Script, but now back on a C++ based game I'm on top of my game.

Someone set us up the bomb

We call that guy Blacksun, so we got rid of him

You caught us here, we are huge, but take a look at our production line, its flawless. . I now note that our production line is only visible on our private boards. My mistake. You're just gonna have to take my word for it

I even use the ' in I'll, but you can catch me over using the following symbol ;

#7 Started on JKII, community didnt accept us, UT2k3 we moved to to try to get a hold on things. Saw a better shot with HL2, so jumped on the train. In essense, we only moved from JKII right to HL2.

A lot of my team is in this mod to get a start into the gaming business. Believe it or not, after this, me, the lead designer of what may be a great mod, am leaving gaming to take on another profession. I'm in this because its fun, and takes concentration to lead a TC on this scale.

If you want to see good smilies, check out our forums. But, I usually find myself accustomed to one:

'Word Association', and 'Bump This Thread' are part of our TCs heritage. You cant blame me for making one word posts there.

So, am I doomed, or am I going foward with LGW?

Lead Designer of The Last Great War
i disagree wiht number 2. alot.
programming is a big part of mods, and it is very complicated. if the leader doesnt know C++, that doesnt mean his mod sucks, it mena s he needs to hire a coder. more oftne than not, the leader is ome one who can come up wiht ideas, organize, and publicize. period.
1#: You mod is a bout the American West
2#: You have people who say they'll be on your team and you never hear from them again
3#: Your screen name is Private Snafu.

4#: And uh.. oh god... *runs off and bawls*

in reply to stitch

#12 Mod leader had funny bone removed in childhood operation
"Can't forget #11: He thinks he knows what he is talking about when it comes to a mod's failure and mod's success."
Very funny and probably way too much truth.

Any task that involves significant coding, by default, is likely to not make deadlines, not work as planned or doesn't accomplish what it was set out to do, or never finish. You have to have the right talent in place to get to where you're going (assuming where you're going is clearly understand and planned)

It happens professionally too, so people shouldn't feel bad.

At a previous company we had a programmer who was given carte blanche on a massive programming project. It was all from scratch and would be the primary application for a business that pulls in 100's of millions. We (non-programmers, non-project personnel) were very leery of the whole thing cause this guys tends to get a boner over cool computer shit. One of the first things he does is buy a server for DEV that will eventually become PRODUCTION. BZZZZ huge mistake #1. Then he decides on a enterprise level Oracle because he plans to use DB syncs that will span continents (over 48k frame relay connections). Then we hear about how this would store video feeds from enws agencies and eliminate other applications in the office and track trades and be a contact manager and could show surveillance cameras of seaports across the Internet. HE LOST HIS FRIGGING MIND! Three years later the application, which the first module wasn't even out of alpha was useless. The server was an aging piece of crap with 64 chips of 4 MB each--maxed out on two expansion boards. I couldn't believe what crap he bought. He also bought $20,000 worth of netowrk switches for 15 PCs. It was disastrous in every way imagineable. He plan was paper thin, he didn't have the specifics laid out, his db schema wasn't complete (after 3 years). The project had no hope from the get go.

Not creating a limited, intricately defined scope which DOES NOT change until the product is complete is the singel greatest downfall of most projects.
dont forget

99 - There is no interest in the kind of mod
" So basicly I have coded everything, but not one modeller or mapper is interested in helping me out, my little brother even brought his friend over too laugh at me while I was working in the addict"

100 - everything is done before or ripped
" It has everything CS has, I even have the CS models and maps, why the hell doesnt anyone want to play it? "
Ok, I've lost numbers now...

- Your team has walked out on you.
- The mod leader is unaware of the capabilites of the mod... even if they do (like in pretty much ALL cases of HL2 mods, they restrict all the fancy stuff to no-brainer easy to do features.. until you know)
- The leader is unsure of the concept
"I wanna make a war mod, let's customize all weapons.. and how about vehicles too! ya ya!"
- The leader doesn't know information on what they are basing their mod on
"Let's have a WWI mod that starts in 1946 and ends with a nuclear bomb where we all have protective suits on and on the moon cause earth went boom!!111!!!one!!11"

I am sure I will be able to come up with more...

yet more suggestions:

- Your mod features 1 origanal concept, and thats the name

- Your entire team thinks that CS is the height of HL modliness

- ANYONE your team speaks in 133t (i know that has been mentioned, but still i have a massive hatred for the little kids running around shouting "m3h pwnz j00!" :flame:

- The following beliefs are held by your team:
"spam is a valid form of communication"
"hacking is fun"
"we don't need to have any skills"
"we are the best...ever"

:) enjoy all!
LOOOL :cheese:

I agree on point #1, but not because of the apparent risk of lawsuit, but because games based on movies always suck - there is no exception to this, and I have NEVER in my life played a game based on a movie for more than a couple of seconds to try it out.

Games based on books, though, is another matter. Since the gamedevelopers have a much more artistic freedom (especially when it comes to graphics, for obvious reasons) the game can be amazing, with both the depth of a good book, and the artistic freedom of the developers. But preferably a book with outdated copyright (50 years from the authors death) should be chosen so that no nosy writer who doesnt know shit about how games should function/look has any say in the development.
like Great Expectations !!! :p yes......*wanders off into the distance cackling maniacly* yes that will do fine......
Yes, exactly! Wouldnt that make a perfect foundation for a sci-fi game!? :cheese:
hell yes, a Dickension RPG would rock so much, you could pick-pocket (in fact ironically enough will hopefully be my post - Operation Everlasting Shadow [PLUG!] project)