What are you?

Well Apparently I'm a:

Biased Hooch, who loves to Stomp Pattysaurs?!?

anyone care to ellaborate on that?!?
I am a puny sausage link who loves to slap vibrators

Well im a malignant lobster who likes to pilfer soles. Second time i was a Horney doghnut who likes to watch Bill cosby! I prefer the first one really.
I'm a titanic hosecock boy who loves to mega**** lanterns, and i am also a godly vixen who loves to nibble monster cocks
I did it again and got....

I am a punctual biscuit who loves to empty lanterns..... I prefer this 1 :)

My second one...

I'm a malignant foot worshipper who loves to laugh at sandwiches.
I new that some of you people would like this. So I hope that you guys are laughing.
According to that webby im a

Monumental Bicycle.?....who loves to... Conquer Bill cosby....What the hell was all that about.?
I'm a Lecherous midget who loves to infect hookers!
I'm a Lecherous midget who loves to infect hookers!

That i can understand but what the hell is a.

Monumental Bicycle.....?

Dose it mean i like to ride Pennie Farthings.? (the very old bike with the huge front wheel and the very small back wheel)
I am a ****ing hot ringtail ****er who loves to swallow giant tits......tell me something i dont know ;)
Well Im a mirophillic sexybitch who loves to discover ****s......I find that rather arousing......
hehe I am a very large midget who loves to sluuurp toilets
yeah..... sure...... in all likelyhood you are a wigga ....

don't b funking racist on these forums... :flame:
Yeah, we should all be like the badger! Black and white. Sadly that ignores everyone else but who cares!
Hey I have a question. How come a black guy can call another black guy a ni***r and laugh. But When a white guy calls a black guy a ni***r he can get arrested for racial slerring.

Sorry about the spelling.
Well in fairness ****** was an insult used by white people, but its like the word queer, it no longer carries the same inuslt it used to.

One thing i dont like is that ther are black people, and niggers. (yes this has been said on TV) Black people are ok, but niggers are the most annoying people on the planet. It happens with everyone, after all no matter what "race" we are we are all human. Like where i live you get scallys (If you arent from around the north west of england i doubt you will know that term) They wear all latest nike adidas etc gear (but it all looks like crap to be honest). You also get lots of other groups just as annoying but they are the highest in numbers. Having said that scallys arent limited to people who wear those clothes, they spread throughout everything. By the way, yes i do know that scally used to mean someone from liverpool but not anymore it doesnt.

Anyway thats my little rant over.
Well what you said is true! And I think I get the generial meaning of what scallys means.