What do you think about this mod idea?



Well this is just an idea (not final)

It will be a multiplayer mod, probally 2 teams:

humans (survivors) and aliens (not final, maybe generated humans)

a map idea: a very large map.. outside it's very very cold and heavy snowweather (and stormy). The eye visibility is some 3 meters...

Inside (in a complex) it's a resident for the humans. They work there. There is a lab stationed and they sleep, eat and take a shit :)

In the complex they got electricity and warm air.

The aliens (not final) can stand very well in extreme cold weather. They are stationed outside (again not final idea). They are some ways stronger then the humans. They main objectives are to detroy the power plant and/or oven (makes warm air) or just kill the humans.. when they power plant got destroyed. the complex will be complete dark and the humans only have ligthers to see in the darkness. When the aliens destroy the oven, the temprature will drop very slowly. When the temprature drops under -10... they humans health will drop till they are dead (maybe bad idea)... or when it gets colder the humans can't move quicky or move ladders fast. So when it's dark or cold they have disadvantages. The humans got shutguns and flamethrowers and boobytraps. They have also things like nightviewers and gasmasks... if they will they can escape gas into a sealed room. When they aliens will break into that room and hit a boobytrap... they will be blown like into pieces :)... The aliens got some weapons but I am not sure about the enemy side.

What do you think about that? it's still a quick thought.
That dosent sound as a bad idea.... Just need the tweaking to make it final....
the thing? the movie - the thing?

I watched it 2 weeks ago and it's a very got movie... I got this mod idea inspired from it. :)
*Sighs* there is already a game out based on the film.... I don't know whether it was good or not, but either way... :p Lawsuits ahoy!

I'm not trying to crush your spirit, but think outside the box :p... try and stay away from 2 team DM... with the Source engine so much more is possible :)
If that had part of the inspiration, you might want to play The Thing gae to get soem ideas. it's not half bad....
I never heard of any game like: the thing? Was it a good PC game? In what your it got released?

It will not be an normal DM mode. It will be completely different. It will be a mix of CS gameplay + Natural Selection gameplay + some other.

It will not just be a CS clone. ie: 1 total mapround is split up in 3 subrounds. Every subround is like 5 mins and you can spawn only 3 times... The only objective of the first round is making a second passage into the complex by blowing up a large door. That door is heavely protected by the humans. If the aliens fail to destroy the second door within the 5 mins... they won't be able to use that second door in the 2rd and 3rd round. They next subround the aliens will have to complete 2 objectives (the second door way (cause they failed) and a power plant. If they are smart they will all focus on the power plant only. If they still fail the first 2 objectives... they have a hell of a job to do in the 3rd round...

Above is just a quick though about a gameplay... I am just testing things... It will someway like like that. What do you thing about that gameplay? somekind of missiongameplay just like RtCW
I watched some screenshots but IMHO it's not a good game and several gamereviewers give the game a low score.


With the halflife2 engine and good mappers/modelers we could even better. It's not my intension to rip the game(play) and the storyline. It will be a multyplayer game based not on the movie (but it's got me inspired of it)...
The Thing is a good game but only if you have seen the film, as if you haven't you sit there and are bored..but if you've seen the film, you'll notice things out of the film... (like the pool table and that hehe) and you'll enjoy the game much better....

other wise it's rather pants (for want of a better word)
The idea is pants...

Just kidding..sounds cool.
Originally posted by sharp

It will not be an normal DM mode. It will be completely different. It will be a mix of CS gameplay + Natural Selection gameplay + some other..... somekind of missiongameplay just like RtCW

sorry for slightly misquoting you, but this idea doesn't really seem to be all that different once you get past the concept. 2 team DM is not the way to go IMO. And before you (yes, you person who attacked me in the S&S thread) ask, I am interested in the concept, hence me commenting on the fact that the gameplay seems slightly stale in this manner.
maybe 80% of the HL2 mods will be somekind of DM. It's really hard to think about a non DM game...

Do you know natural selection? that is even a DM mode...

The gameplay is not final. 1 thing for sure is that it won't have vehicles (well... erh maybe snowmobiles :) )
Personally, I agree with Badger, the idea is stale, no-one is really interested in normal deathmatch anymore... what is the point really!

You say that NS is deathmatch... no NS is an RPG/FPS, one of the first of it's kind, and it's fun....something your idea doesn't sound
then you can sure define a DM mode stone?

I already said the gameplay won't be final. Yes NS is a DM cause you can respawn over and over again.
yes, but NS, is not just deathmatch, It is more strategic than deathmatch...

Deathmatch, is a game, where Multiple players (real players or BOTs) fight each other within an enviroment, the aim of deathmatch is to achieve the highest FRAGs (kills) in the match.

It ain't got nowt to do with respawning, it's about FRAGS, I've played deathmatch matches where, if you die once, your out of the game.... :cheese:
actually ns is an RTS/fps-but no matter. The game idea, however, is a good idea but wouldn't it be cool to make it even more like The Thing so the aliens can take people over?
Maybe I could but it needs alot of coding. It would be cool if the engine can transfor bodies into zombies etc. :)

I want to make this mod idea more RTS ie.: every human spawn in several places in a large complex. In order to build flamethrowers or heavy guns the guy next most near the depot of gasbottles could take these and bring them to a central point. Another guy next to material part of a flamethrower can take it to the central point 2. Then someone can handle thing over inorder to make the weapon work. That could be the same for ammo. Some guys spawn next to the gun store with some ammo (but not that much) another one spawn way and way futher next to a ammo depot without guns. So that guy could be critical in order to win the match :)
Tonight I'm gonna watch the Alien 3 movie... might get inspire from it... and see what I can use in the mod :)