Which are you going to do first?

Will you play Singleplayer or Multiplayer first?

  • Singleplayer

    Votes: 74 97.4%
  • Multiplayer

    Votes: 2 2.6%

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Jul 3, 2003
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Please state why also.

I choose Singleplayer because I can't wait to see the new developements in the story. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.
Of course singleplayer first. I can probably give 100 different reasons why, but the most important one is that it will reveal all the new weapons before I have a chance to discover them in the game.
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I want you....

Single Player.
Singplayer, oddly, I'm always like that. Strategy games, even fps games that arent made for single player lol. I played thru UT2k3 on godly....... It took me a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time to beat malcom but it was so satisfying when I did.

But I usually do single player for the story, I'm a big fiction fan.
Unless CS2 or TF2 or some godlike creation from Valve comes with MP, singleplayer will be everyones first.
Single player, cos they spent so many years on the story i think it will outclass any game previously made EVER!

to put it bluntly :p
Singleplayer, because I like the Half-Life storyline and want to find out what happens next. Pus if you play multi first you have more of a chance the storyline will be given away to you later on.
Single player, cos they spent so many years on the story i think it will outclass any game previously made EVER

In my mind, the Baldurs Gate series storyline will prolly never be beat. Even if it is a completely different setting, the bg story was so engaging.
Single Player because i enjoy doing diffrent objectives
and seeing new things init
pe0w :D
sp.. but multiplayer soon.. want to enjoy it for a bit before you nazis start binding.. gamma boosting... and aimbot using... if possible. 8(
Single Player because I want to find out what has happened.
Singleplayer. I like to get used to the feel of the game first before I jump into the multiplay. Plus its HL2, you gotta do the single player game first......that's just the way it should be...

I like cheese
single player. I want to see what i can do :D
I always play or complete Single Player before I move onto Multi Player, and as HL2's SP should be especially fantastic, I'll get stuck into it straight away!
the one who is gonna do MP first is insane :flame:
sp.. but multiplayer soon.. want to enjoy it for a bit before you nazis start binding.. gamma boosting... and aimbot using... if possible. 8(

This is one thing that kinda bugs me. Everybody ragging on about hackers. Usually referring to CS. Now honestly, if you people would just find a few select servers, with good admins and good players, u should have VERY few encounters with hackers EVER. I expect it will take a few months befor hl2 has hacks. I suspect it'll take close to 6 months to a year for these hacks to be widely distributed. I'm sure valve knows this to. Any game can be hacked, and this will be no different. I gaurantee Hl2 will have hackers, but I'm not gonna let em ruin the fun for me, theres still no script which stops a matress from flying at yer skull at 2000 mph, :x
Single Player. I only do multi once I've completed the "core" of the game. Multiplayer is just an addon.
singleplayer obviously.

It's primarily a single player game. The multiplayer is just a bonus.

Even if TF2 was bundled with it I'd still do single player first (TF2 will be sold seperately anyways)
*puts on flame retardant suit and prepares himself*

I didn't find TFC to be such a great game. *ducks incoming flame*. I played it a few times, and it was original I'll give it that, but overall, I found CS *leaps to the left* and UT2k3 *limbos beneath incoming flame* to be more fun.

TFC was just filled with heavy gunners, and snipers. Some classes *cough* pyro *cough* were basically useless. I was pyro sometimes cuz he looked so damn cool, but god was he useless.
*is to slow to dodge incoming flame and is burned to a crisp*

*gasps for air* :eek:
the pyro was just to annoy. We sometimes had a guy go pyro on our team to annoy defenders and be a distraction. Clanning in TFC was where you got the full TF experiance.

CS was fun for me for a bit but I sucked at it. :(
I'm pretty good at CS now... To the point wher I'm often accused of hacking.
Originally posted by Fiddle
I'm pretty good at CS now... To the point wher I'm often accused of hacking.

Been there, done that. After awhile I started to lose interest in pub servers. I think to get best CS experience, you need to play CAL matches. Always helps when you can hear your teammate on the mic (on public servers people, most of the time, don’t use mic properly).
How can u not use a mic properly???

Well, I guess that time I sung Bohemian Rhapsody, wasn't really properly helping my team, neither was the time I sung, jump around....

NM i see yer point now.
Back on topic.....

I would play singleplayer, because i dont want to spoil the expericence of finding out all the new stuff, by playing multiplayer. In singleplayer, they are going to lead you through it. Introducing all these new features and weapons etc over time. Where as in multiplayer everyting willb e throw at you at once without having the time to take it all in.

....going off topic.

Many people cant use the mic's they seem to have them about 3 foot away from their mouths or something. Then they mumble into them.
I will play single player for the same reasons as Farrowlesparrow I want to get used to some of the new things that are in the game before I go and try multiplayer, so I know what I am doing.
Actually a big reason I will be playing singeplayer is to find out the who what why where when... And not even of the story, but of misc things. Like when I pick up the manipulator in multiplayer I wanna know where it came from, did eli vance design it and make it for gordan and the resistance. Or do all combine elite soldiers carry one. I wanna know what unit always carries the OIHC or whatever it's called. I wanna know what missions each of the vehicles is used in, I wanna see how the AI reacts in certain situations. etc etc, SP isn't all about story, it's filled with juicy tidbits that the avid HL fan would love to know.
look one multi...... And So he jumped off the cliff because the others took the stairs........

can you give us a good reason for your decision?
me i am the lonely soul who voted multiplayer.:)


I hate single player games they bore me thats why i play PC games and not consoles because of multiplayer options. I will get around to playing single player probably a few months down the line after getting it.
Why is everyone sooo excited about mods? They're created by amateurs in a very rushed time.
I mean they're a bit of fun, but nothing to write home about.

TF2... now there's something to look forward to.
Agree Wesi, but mods like NS or DOD are like real games, taking HL engine to extremes. I hope we will see some racing games too. I mean you pay $50 for HL2, which will come\add with time so many different things, it won't be just FPS mods, that I am sure.
That's true, but the good mods won't come out until a fair bit aftee HL2 is released.