Which is better ? MP or SP ?

May 15, 2003
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Well my personal preference is single player: as I love following a storyline and getting really involved with the slice of altered relality that the game gives you. FIGHT BACK MP GAMERS!
true single player will be great...the first time through...

MP has much more life even thought there might not be a story or it wouldnt make sence playin it over and over. Playin with other people is every competetive and holds my attention very well.
sp first and mp after that :)
(and dont play mp before you have finished sp, couse then youll know all the weapons and stuff, and thats not any fun)
SP first, then MP when ever i get stuck. Like that bloody fan bit, HOW THE HELL WAS I MENT TO KNOW TO JUMP ON IT? HUH?

Hope they'll be some tricky bits like that again :)

Hopefully mod play will be great, cos i didn't really like MP that much.
i find single player is the much more engaging of the two experiences, and it is much more acessable. When I was younger, (soundin like an old man) I found the multiplayer community very unfriendly, not nice to new people (of course that was WAAAAAY back, so dont take offence) and I must admit that that experience soured me to the multiplayer scene. I have tryed to like the whole mp thing with UT, Q3, UT2003 and unfortunatly I hated them all, they just got so boring, even online. I only have a 56K modem (insert guffaws from the ADSL crowd) so it was laggy and the gameplay just got stale.
dont worry badger iv been there, n00bes get flamed to much but its pratly their fualt as it was mine for not lookin around<shrugg>
anywho iv never played co-op never had enough interest in sp i guess, once i beat the game or neared it i started to lose interest i guess

edit:i sure guess a lot dont i....
MP is cool tought if its not public.. iof public DM can be okey....
yeah, i prolly did suck, but i did carry on trying to play, and i got gd (in my mind) at UT but still found it borin and laggi!

Single player games challenge the player to think and make judgements about the world around him, however, MP does not do that, you simply react to opponents, its not the same imerrsive experience, and most mp games have no storyline to speak of, however my hat goes off to the following for at least attempting to explain why you are there and what is going on:

Unreal Tournament
" " " " 2003

and my hat stays firmly planted for the following, for having no storyline whatsoever, and attempting to pass off mp with bots as SP:


i play HL multiplayer for over 4 years now and i`ve completed the singleplay game about 4 times
i think it`s going to be the same with HL2 :cheers:

btw this was my first post , so i would like to say : HI THERE :)
i personally never got into hl multiplayer, but i probably did each of the sp expansions and the main game about 3 times each