Would you play a new SP mod?



We're making a new single-player HL mod. Would you want to play it while waiting for HL2? There will be new things in "Silahsor". For example, you will be able to see player easily 3rd Person View with NumPad.
If you start doing the SP mod now, considering that a SP mod takes time to be done, HL2 will probably be out before your mod so... i'll not play your mod except if it worth it
if you get this thing done within a couple of weeks.. then its oke.. but if it takes 2 months then no..
I hope that it will have finished before HL 2. We have been making Silahsor since a few months ago.
By the way, if you want to see what is the "Easy 3rd Person View" with NumPad, download "Kaçýþ". It is an old mod which was made for modding experience.
And if you want to see screenshots, visit
And you will see a Turkish text which you can understand easily :)
But I will make an English explanation page for you. And there are the same explanation as "readme" in the zip file.
And one of the new things is that: You will run into evil scientist. They will press alarm buttons for calling the enemy soldiers if they see you. :borg:
Yes, hmmm, very very interesting. He he he he! I'm kidding. But wait. This will be a perfect SP mod. Even, better than They Hunger.
They will press alarm buttons for calling the enemy soldiers if they see you.
You will be impressed.
"Easy 3rd Person View"
You will say "oh my god, it's perfect"
Let's drink:cheers:
Ya þunlara biraz türkçe küfür edelim nasý olsa anlamazlar.
Þþit, lan siz varya hepiniz puþtsunuz. Hemde ultra puþt. Aha aha ha! (this text is Turkish)
I mean you're good, nice, pretty people.:cheese:
Has anyone played 'Point of View'? You play as an alien slave and go through black mesa finding this XTS(?) crystal for nihilanth which the humans in HEV suit have stolen. Good SP mod if you ask me... Forgot the link to the site though.:bonce:
I played through it and it was a fun experience.
Do you remember the link of the "Point of View"? I wondered the mod. And what do you think about "Kaçýþ" and "Silahþör"?
We are going to upload Silahþör's New Features Demo this week.
Isnt Kac toilet in some languages? anyway happy to see some Turkish peeps here :) Im from the UK btw.

bir boka yaramaz kimse