Your chance to ask Gabe about HL2


May 17, 2003
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I don't think this has been brought up (at least not on this forum) but Counter-Map the counterstrike mapping website scored an interview with Gabe regarding mapping for source. There is a forum where people can post questions, the best 10 of these will be answered by Gabe. So now is (y)our chance to find out what we really want to know about source/hammer.

Here's the link: Countermap forum
you might want to hurry, they're trying to wrap up the questions to choose the best (and there were some really lame ones, what is the new hammer editor going to be called? Will we get to kill alien penguins in HL2...)
thanks! I didn't add my two cents though because it would require registering...
I'm just lazy that way.
theres so many really good questions, I bet i'm to late :(
OMFG.... some twat called fjl from that counter map forums has copied my sig!!!
I invented this and he cant have it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
nah now Ive chilled out i guess I'll email... ive had that sig for years and no one... I mean no one takes my ideas
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your sig ins't that complex, it may be he though it up too.....
oo he just said ur sig is lame, what u gonna do about it :)