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May 17, 2003
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I have not seen another thread about this, but in the tech movie you can see how he " zooms in " the Water-Shaped-Man..

He also " zooms " in Alyx.. :F

Will you zoom in the object you want to talk with? Like instead of pressing E to talk to a scientist you press e and zooms in and he will notice you staring at him :)
Then here's a question..

How the f00k do you zoom? has he new glasses like Superman has? :F Or is it for seeing objects much clearer then otherwise.
I don't know what you mean about zooming in those scenes: I sure didn't see it.

But one of the guns (the one with the red sight) seems to be able to zoom in a little for better targeting.
Originally posted by Apos
I don't know what you mean about zooming in those scenes: I sure didn't see it.

But one of the guns (the one with the red sight) seems to be able to zoom in a little for better targeting.

watch closer, it does it when you're looking at the model made of water in front of the fire, and it also does it the first time you talk to alyx, in that scene with dr. kleiner.
In the scenes where he has an MP-7, he zooms-probably cuz the MP-7 has zooming capabilties. I dunno about the other scenes.
maybe zoom was just included for the e³ demo or maybe during scenes scripted like when we see alyx and kleiner or during technology overview part.
Yes, good point geeK, I noticed that too. Vavle said they'll thrown in a few extra moves for Gordon and this might be one of them.
Let's hope so :)

The " focus " was the word i was missing before.

Well, no one knows for sure until we have the game ;)
Oh okay, i see it now. I doubt that'll be automatic in the game, because it would brak the seamlessness of things a little (especially if you are still interested in other things), but there's no reason why it couldn't be activated manually with whatever button changes the zoom on the guns.
That was just a tech demo level, guys. It wasn't meant to reflect the abilities of Gordon Freeman at all. he was just demonstrating how you can give different properties to objects, and so he zoomed in (which you can do in any game post-quake) to show the detail.
Gordan had an armoured environment suit in the first one (Remember the built-in geiger-counter and all that beeping and helpful warnings when you were about to die?). Now he's working for the G-Man. Is it really that off-model to believe that he might have gotten a zoom upgrade?? :E

Not off-model at all: I just don't think it's scripted to be automatic. That seems a little too invasive for Valve's philosophy, where things are supposed to happen because the player decides to do them, not because the designers suddenly grab the player and force them to look closer at something.
Good point. They probably zoomed at that moment to show off the character interaction to Gordon's, um, leering. or whatever. Having something like that being automatic would be distracting to say the least.

In HL1 the coolest scripted cutscene could be going on and you might be trying to shoot out the windows or something. That's why they made up excuses, like locking you in a room, or knocking you unconcious, or whatever.

i also wondered about the zoom, first i thought it was the camera guy zooming, then i thought it was scripted kinda, then i didn't know what to think.

i guess it was either just an engine demonstration or it could be a feature.
Another thread mentioned something about gordon having an eye operation during his coma (the coma appears to be the transition between the two games). Perhaps the operation involved inplanting alien technology or something that allows gordon to zoom.
I know it sounds a bit far fetched but who knows right?

Someone also mentioned that in the concept images of gordon, his eyes are an unnatural bright green and that there was writing reflected in his eyes. Could this be another clue?
Hmm, i don't think G-Man puts the fellah in coma, sends him up to an UFO end let the big green aliens put nails into poor Gordon's eyes.. ;)

In that case G-Man would help Gordon to fight against him self :F sounds uneccesary ;)

But the eyes is pretty weird..
I was just speculating. Perhaps the gman obtained the technology from the aliens and decided to use it to his advantage by modifying gordon to suit his needs. Its probably not the truth, but it's possible, and almost everything on this forum is guesswork anyway.
Perhaps the gman has a deal with some of the aliens or something, or maybe his employers are to do with the alien/human combine. Who knows.