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  • Oblivian: Rocks! Thieves Guild: Rocks! The other guilds: Rocks! The whole game: Rocks! until I got bored and started playing more Valve games
    Gabwe Newell? not quite, at first glance your profile dp looked like Hideo Kojima's raep time with Daffy Duck.

    no, i cant fit in the kitchen
    my fringe is too big
    I ain't serious, it's just that I see lots of people visit my profile and they aren't on my 10, but you are. Just curious.
    There was something strangely erotic about your post, and I can't pinpoint what. If you wanted to ask me out on a date, you should have just said something. Look, I'm not some kind of hussy gold digging slut. If you wanted to make your move, you should have just made it. I'm tired of men like you. I have no idea why I even attempted to befriend you.

    Nice shitty profile, by the way.
    I actually think that such things are alright if they are clever and/or part of a large and well-reasoned argument. Randomly accusing opponents of being a paedophile is not really fun for anyone.

    I do not have spare money. I like to attend protests.
    I think you are going to have to explain more fully what you are talking about.

    "Even me?"???? "This".

    Email me if necessary.
    Well, I'm currently a student at Central Washington University, aspiring for a degree in music ed. I love jazz music (also classical), and I'm not too bad at the saxophone. For a career, my mission in life is to be a successful, influential band director.

    What do I believe? I believe in Jesus Christ if that's an applicable answer. I also support Obama (does that seem right to you?).
    That's weird, on my PC the font colour in the same as the background, maybe its coz im on IE.
    Hmm. I still believe in a socialist sociognise thatety as being possible and ideal. But I recognise that it will not happen. And right now, the forces of free market seem more progressive. Change your font color, i cant see what im typing
    whan awesome avatar you got
    i love it,
    and this profile is great
    oh did i mention your avatar is awesome.
    Empourius is correct. I don't know why but I quite like her too. There's a suprising number of Ashley tribute videos on YouTube.
    Both, the bigger problem is the fact they think they can spam 6 pages of giant pictures and there will be no consequence, the rules are the same for all. Also, you are assuming they are permanently banned, which they are not. They knew what they were doing, and for something this obvious I'm surprised I really need to justify my actions.
    Kenji does a lot of shit in chat, that isn't funny nor useful. That's why we don't really like him.
    You'll be interested to know I'm also on Levio's 'role models' list; the honour is almost too much to bear. In any case, I try not to hold personal grudges based on political differences.

    I never knew, or didn't notice, that you were a moonbat fan (never heard the nickname before, but I like it :D ). I was introduced to boy George via a uni friend - my editor on the student newspaper as it happens - and after being impressed by a few of his columns on the internet, I bought 'Bring on the Apocalypse' with birthday money, and found much to get angry about (re the world, not the book). It was interesting, incisive, and seemed immaculately referenced.

    I am therefore honoured to be conferring anything at all to Mr. Monbiot, whether it is the dubious authority of my internet presence, or merely a polite and respectful sexual solicitation. The same, minus the sex, applies to future posts you might make.
    "What do you mean by "pathetic", did you diss Solaris?"

    Only if Solaris is inseperable from what he writes on this forum (perhaps he is, as far as I'm concerned). I thought the quibble was pathetic.
    Well technically he would have been unbanned by now, but this kerfuffle has extended his ban an extra 30 years, so now YOU banned him, and I assume you are a FIFA person, so I'm frankly appalled by this all.
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