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  • Just an fyi I'm running through WaW again so I have a better feel of the game. I should have my review done this week.
    Heres what I can review: Bioshock, Fallout 3, Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45, COD: WaW. That's about it for "recent" games.

    I am a pretty big Coldplay fan, I'd love to see them in concert but I rarely ever seem them come to the Florida area.
    Dear Glenn,
    I would like to apologise for being a Quaar and would like my posts back please.

    From your Dearest friend,
    LOL, I didn't even pay any attention to the date of that thread. I was just so excited there was actually an interesting topic these days.
    Glenn, I have been talking to Reginald on the whole fiasco of the L4D tournament. The people in our teams are not quiters. We were all there as I vividly remember on Monday except for Corp. Sheepo. It's commonly known that we screwed up and should have played without him. Since quiting it appears he didn't contact personally gordonfreeman911 and notify he is leading a team now! :LOL: I think he is too pre-occupied in mining an asteroid in space. I don't blame him neither because it's not his fault. Reginald has come in now and is taking over The Crime Busters. I'm trying to get this to work Glenn and I'm actually managing my opponent team so they can play against us. :LOL: Well anyways Reg and I want the match to happen at Monday, March 30th at 7PM EST. If this is possible, then great. It worked out last Monday so it should work this Monday.
    Glenn, I got a problem here bro. DreamThrall is holding up the first match between Sheepo and my team. He is having problems meeting up for March 23 at 7PM EST. It's due to his wife and kids. I'm not sure what is going on because he said he has to talk to his boss and he said he doesn't want his wife finding out he is in a competitive game among other things. :LOL: I put down my foot though and the time is the March 23rd at 7PM EST. Now for whatever reason if he cannot make it, which I believe he won't, I want to replace him with Ren.182. I need to contact him but he is my first choice. Corp Sheep and I have made tons of of compromises for this guy but every time it's this or that. Not even 6PM EST on Wednesday for LOST. I told him that it was 3 hours to the show but he still refused. -hool10
    Glenn, change your damn password to MSN. I'm sick of hearing about this...

    glenn_aka_hoffman sent 3/8/2009 3:18 AM:
    Hey, how are you. Just wanted to let you know about these new supplements I tried. I lost 12 pounds in just a week and a half. Best thing, it only cost me $5. Check it out here: http://tillhave.com
    Oi, Glenn. Your MSN got pwnt or something. You just sent me this message:

    glenn_aka_hoffman says:
    Tony and Linda just told me to try these red tablets I saw at their place, Acai berry. They get them for $5 and they swear they lost weight, 23 pounds in two weeks. Anyways, I seen them both and wow they lost a lot of weight it really shows. http://thandid.com
    Seeing your avatar made me watch those again. Best damn cartoon cat representations ever.
    Excellent work on the night of the Haxident, Glenn. Would have been much worse if you hadn't been there.
    So what tight rope am I walking? the rope of of being insulted without allowance of a comeback? The rope that the mods in the forum don't like me and given' any excuse will ban? The rope of questionable postage of videos, the videos that are considered boarderline spam? Huh?

    Please enlighten me, this forum is full of attitude, You need attitude yourself to work in the forum, this forum deserves a class of attitude, and internet is gonna give it to 'em
    'They should purely be banished and never spoken of, not celebrated.'

    Sorry, I saw an episode of Futurama earlier that day which had Leela being celebrated as the worst blurns ball player ever :p
    lol, I was looking through some old threads then I posted wrongly. thx for sparing the infraction
    Bet you can't wait till Ghost Town. XD Have you heard of his other film. It's about a caveman tribe from like ages ago (can't remember) that haven't developed the gene for lying. It actually sounds like a good idea for a film.
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