6.0 or .NET

May 15, 2003
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I have Visual C++ 6.0 and I am wondering if it is worth upgrading to .NET, since I plan on doing a lot of coding work over the summer, mainly due to OES. Does it have any new, useful features, or is it taliored towards the internet and netcode, I really don't know and would appriciate any help that is forthcoming.... thanks :)
i htink you need the new .NET to eun VC++.... but even if you dont, why not upgrade?
Software is like sex...its better when its free!

lol...sorry had to say that :D
Thank you nietzsche, for the only really sensible comment in this thread, I got VC++ free, and hopefully I could get .NET for free as well :) thanks....its just the descriptions I have read of .NET are all about optimiing code for the internet.... thank you :)

EDIT: Just a suggestion....but once the HL2 SDK comes out, is there any chance of getting a coding forum? I would gladly moderate it ;)...thanks
use MSVS .NET on a daily basis, for a long time now and i haven't regretted the change. It's used for game-development and development of related technologies...

Say, you don't work for microsoft do you? The only useful thing I have to add to this thread is that I plan to code using free tools. I doubt that Valve will mandate a hefty IDE & compiler like VC++

I might set up a page on how to do it using free tools (borland's C builder or GCC running uunder CYGWIN) It's not that I hate Micro$oft (which I do) it's jujust that it seems really unessesary - and expensive.
I don't just want to pigeonhole myself.....I want to be a programmer, I don't want to confine myself to games (i have experience with the HL1 engine) I want to have C++ down as a genuine skill on my CV, plus I rather like it :dork:..... oh and derby ..... I get my software free anyway :p