another mod idea ;)


atomic shiva


i´ve got a very cool mod idea for HL2. it´s just a rough idea at the moment, i already invented the main characters years ago, but all the rest is more the less missing. it is about 3 persons(1 female,2male) fighting against zombies,aliens,demons. it is like the gate to hell opened after a war nad now the devil lives in las vegas and does dirty stuff. it should go in the direction of terminator,doom and 60s/70s action movies. so it would really have b-movie style( hot chicks with big guns). my inspiration to this came from music of motorhead,ac/dc,led zeppelin, jimi hendrix,guns n´roses, the music of the game would also have this music style.
i really really hope to get a good and talanted team together for this TC. maybe someone knows me from "THE SPECIALISTS" for HL. i made all the sounds, so my work for the hl2 tc would also be sounds plus character and story design(maybe design can be shared with second person) and other ideas.

I have a nasty feeling that it wud suck, lol, since all tha feminists wud b down on ya like THAT lol, but nice idea, id like 2 do a mod with demons , its just this sounds like 'Will Rock' (genius) and 'Serious Sam' (quite gd) and the world doesnt need boring FPSs, thats what hl2 is all about
yeah well, im still working on a story. these are just the ideas that came into my at first. of course it needs a good story. otherwise it would be boring yeah.

i´ve also another very cool idea about the same 3 characters. but it´s more realistic and is a kind of THE SPECIALISTS singel player game.