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May 18, 2003
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Despite the popularity of the cyberpunk genre, so far no one has been able to make a multiplayer game in the cyberpunk setting that has become popular. Using the following as a list for inspiration we have two coders who are looking for additional members interested in making a GOOD cyberpunk mod. Our .plan file is being fleshed out and space for the official website has been secured. Current .plan calls for 3 teams, two corporate teams which fight with each other for mission objectives and a third police team with much fewer players. WE hope to have a large amount of NPCs able to wander through a cityscape, doing so without hogging bandwidth or CPU utilization will be difficult but surely not impossible in the days of 4 gighertz PCs and common broadband.

While weapondry and equipment will be bought similar to in counter-strike, cybernetics and attributes will be very different from any other game created. 6 slider bars arranged like the spokes of a wheel will control the 6 major stats of the character. A line drawn from each setting on each bar creates a 6 sided shape, whos total area variates depending on the different settings of the slider bars. This area is the "cost" of the cybernetics, and gives us a novel way to have both character diversity but prevent uber-characters. Adding special cybernetics, like legjacks, personel shields, internal arm-guns cause the overall size of the shape to increase and thus higher character cost.

Making a mod that allows both cool cybernetic abilities, yet maintains balance is very difficult, none the less I believe with the proper planning it is doable. If your interested, feel free to post or send me a message. We have 2 coders, but could use a third coder with prior hl experience. Like every other vapor mod, additional members are welcome.
badger, you are such an arsehole. if you dont like an idea, either dont post or offer constructive critism. Dont jsut "yawn" comeon!

Interesting idea, my only suggestion is that you find another way to select wepaons, cause you dont want to have to much in xcommon with hackerstrike.
fine, from now on i'll constructively criticise, lol , (u scared me!) lol, well its just it sounds slightly like neocron (which ironically has box art v. similar to the op4 and hl boxes). How many people have 4ghz pc's or broadband (i live in the UK, so everything is overpriced here :p). If you want Cyperpunk stylings, wait for Deus Ex 2 (sorry for mentioning yet another game on the HL2 forum, so heres sum mindless plugs for Valve: BUY HALF LIFE 2 NOW) lol. And one final note: Counter-Strike is not the only decent mod ever, so why does everyone reference it when talking about buying weapons, sure that was an achievement, back then, but it isnt now, so many people know how to do it and do it better, so stop the CS idea cloning (yes i am aware that I probably broke all rules of grammar and contradicted myself at least once in that last sentence)

Badger out
first of

deus ex 2 will *not* come with multiplayer, so sorry that your attempt at sounding intelligent failed so miserably. If deus ex 2 did come with multiplayer, we probably wouldn't be making this mod. Secondly the weapons system just *functions* similar to cs, in that wepons are bought, lost when you die, and your equipment fund is slowly increased over time, ala cs. The weapons will not be the same as in cs, and will have much more futuristic and diverse properties.

Neocron, which I do have an account in, is not doing well. Its cyberware is extremely boring, its players are leaving, and its classes are severly unbalanced. Besides there is a big difference between a deathmatch mod were you have a TINY amount of character development, compared to the mmorpg where you need to spend countles hours just to have a chance at pvp. Neocron is boring and NOT what we're trying to make, and dues ex 2 will NOT have multiplayer.

Also I belive it was YOU badge who said this earlier
"please, no more bland mods , no more ww2 realism mods, no reamkes of the origanals in the new engine, no terrrorists vs. counter terrorists mods, no more Barney mods, no more mods without storylines, no mods trying to be Will Rock in the Source Engine, no Devastation wanna-bes cos frankly that game was poor, and we don't need that agian."
well, I know that Invisable War won't ship with multiplayer, thats why I mentioned Neocron, which doesnt ship with singleplayer. There you go, both sides of the coin. Or some other game, which I cannot remember, sorta stealth-hacking-shooting game by Bioware? Which is BOTH mp and sp. There you go , I know what Im talking about. Also Devastation, which was both (i think) and kinda like what you are talking about, but without the cybernetics. Devastation was and is pants. Im not saying ur idea is Bad, its just it needs a bit more polish and less relience on a system that was designed for HL, this is HL2 , and you have been handed the Source engine. DON'T TAKE BACKWARD STEPS. Fine CS's buying system was good but , think of something new and more fitting to your Cyberpunk theme.
Personally, (from playing Neocron) I reckon you idea sound just like it, but if done correctly, it would look a hell of a lot better on the HL2 engine :D
a large

A large aspect of the game is the inherint cops vs robbers vs robbers. While the corporate teams may only increase maybe 3 stats by a rank, or maybe get another implant or two, the cops can get much better gear much faster. Players that kill the NPC citizens have a bounty on their head, when a cop collects the bounty that cop can quickly advance their character. Thus if neither corp team is careful they can have several super-cops walking around making everybodys job difficult. To prevent someone from killing NPCs on purpose to help a friend whos a cop, the bounty the cop receives comes out of the players cybernetics fund. You won't be gimped if you go on a killing spree, but if the cops should kill you THEN your gimped. And since character models for the corp teams will be the same for the NPCs, the cops need to tell the difference by their behavior and if they have any weapons out. So for once, being relatively incognito will be a valid strategy.
Cerberus, this sounds very interesting. A bit like RolePlayHL if i remember correctly.

now we're up to 4 members, two coders and two artists for the modeling and HUD. Anyway we still need an animator, and maybe one more coder and one more artist for good measure.

The plan is looking very good, and we're going to be making models as soon as the concept art is finalized. One thing we're unsure of is what to call the damn game.

Corporate Combat
Corpwar 2020
Cyberwar 2020
Neotropolis Streetwar
Megacorp Streetwars
Guns and Chrome
Megacorp Shadows
Megatropolis Corpwars
Corporate Soldiers
Corporate Blackops
Corporate Shadowwars

and so on, and so forth. We're hoping for a name that both implies the game is cyberpunk and has fighting, and also is a name that sounds okay and has yet to be patented. Anyone here with too much time on their hands that could help us out by thinking up a name?
Cyberpunk, lovely. This is a concept that hasn't been touched much. You should refer to the Shadowrun Universe and the Cyperpunk table top game as it would greatly improve your creative quality. Inspire it more or less.
My fav's:

CorporateWars 2020
CorporateOps 2020

(btw: got ur PM, will think over it) :cool:
Why 2020 ? I'd prefer a name which is not based on other cyberpunk games.
our sources

We're definetly borrowing things from such sources as shadowrun, cyberpunk 2020, and other games like Deus Ex and Syndicate. Not to mention Ghost in a Shell and Blade Runner.
The best parts about cyberpunk are the ABILITIES you gain, the superhuman feats. Once we have some pretty concept art that isn't TOO obviously a ripoff and we of course finalize the name we will go ahead with the website. Most of our members are actually people from older cyberpunk projects that died out, so hopefully those previous experiences will help this mod actually deliver.
And that this project doesn't die out. They tend to do that after awhile.

well I don't like to spam alot, but we're SO close to getting our website up. We have some awsome concept art, but I'd rather not overload the artists server by posting to it here. We now have

2 coders
2 modelers
2 mappers
2 concept artists

we sorta maybe have a third programmer, their just thinking about it for now. Heres a list of possible names.

Shadows of Neotropolis
Iron Angels
Street Samurai
urban madness
streetwars 2050
war in the shadows
Mobwar 2080
Streetsoldier 2040
Neon streets

I sorta like Streetsoldier 2040, but what about the rest of you?
You might want to focus on fleshing out the feel in words more internally. You want it in writing so your whole team has the same focus, then the name might come to you more easily.

Screw with words and phrases. Grab a thesaurus & dictionary.

You say the 2 teams are corporations. So they are employees of a corporation-they're working for a living. (Working for a Killing, Kill Work--sounds more like an assasination mod) But you get the will get you thinking in different directions.

Focusing on the corporate aspect, the presence of cops, and what seems to be a futuristic, mech, gritty street's a few minutes on word and thought associations...

Street Syndicates
Uncivil Syndicates
Corporate Unrest
Megacorp Service
Dead-end Company Men
Civil Lawlessness
Cy-Goon 2040
Undercity Specialists
Underfighters Policy
Goon Unions
Streets of Perdition
Chrome Plated Hooligans

I got them by mixing up stuff from various words/ideas below:

security guards corporate militia specialists
economics micro-macro business wall street
company man suit uniform incorporated syndicated unionized enterprise clan megacorp shell partnership
law bounty reward mission objectives civil civic public compensation duty
dead end street highway pavement turf path
tai chi tao sun tzu five rings policy
cyber cyborg automaton mech robot android humanoid chrome plated iron
underworld felonry lawlessness hell perdition abyss
goon hood hooligan racketeer robber ruffian thug bandit bruiser crook criminal desperado

Cerberus, you have my permission to use any of the above suggestions if you like any. Good luck.
Hmmm, sounds interesting now...
at first It seemed, as many others have mentioned, like a neocron rip, a game which I hate....ewwww *cold shiver*

Now it sounds more like Syndicate, oh i loved that game... *wipes away nostagic tear*..... :dozey:

anywho, with the in depth describition, it seems as though it's a game I'd download to see if it's anygood.... now you've got people interested, you've just got to make it a good game :p
What about

'Half-Life 2: Next Generation™'
'Half-Life 2: Cyber Industries™'
'Half-Life 2: Urban System™'

personally i like "Streets of Perdition" noteing that Corporations dont have souls, case and point look at enron. their amoral if you will
using shoadowrun for reference is not a very good idea. WizKids LLC is pretty diligent when it comes to intelectual property and would hit you with a SLAPP suit faster than wired reflexes. Personally i would go with the SnowCrash idea of the future world. And since the Author is such a game junkie he'd probably help out.
It's no problem to say 'to be inspired' by shadowrun. Just don't use 'Shadowrun' as a mod title. Words like 'Ork', 'Samurai' or 'Cyborg' are not copyright protected.

This mod idea is almost exact to a plan I had drawn up some months ago.
Just a programmer and I at current...
tantoedge said:
This mod idea is almost exact to a plan I had drawn up some months ago.
Just a programmer and I at current...
tantoedge said:
This mod idea is almost exact to a plan I had drawn up some months ago.
Just a programmer and I at current...
Dystopia beat you to it tbh - one of only 4 HL2 mods worth playing
Don't just stand there! Help me crucify this bastard!

/me gets hammer and nails
john3571000 said:
Dystopia beat you to it tbh - one of only 4 HL2 mods worth playing
depends on whether you like generic gameplay.

also, this thread is too old. make your own if you want to talk about your cyberpunk mod.
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