First look at beefy headcrab?!

No, I didn't see that. :)

But I'm talking about this, actually:


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I saw that one too.. Hmm :p Looks like the Easterbunny too me ;) How the F*ck can i attach a image? All my " options " and smilies has dissapeared :/
It has a "Browse" button below the text area where you type the message. Just makes sure it's < 100K.
Nope it has not.. :/

Nope it has not.. :/
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that is what is under my text area :p
Oh no, you have to click "New Reply" on the bottom right first.
lol omfg.. i have'nt thought of that.. im to tierd.. lol rofl :D:afro:
Yep: beefy headcrab. They apparently come in "normal" "chunky" and "sporty" modes, as well as various headcrab versions. There's actually a clearer shot of the fat ones around somewhere: they have beer guts. :)

No word on whether this is simply a different person that got crabbed, or actually part of the progression of headcrab infection (i.e. bodies get more and more bloated, sort of like in the concept art).
Maybe the headcrabs are like tics .. the longer they survive on their host the more bloated they get.
Did you notice some of the plants on Xen look like headcrabs that somehow setteled down and connected to the earth?
Originally posted by :>~
Did you notice some of the plants on Xen look like headcrabs that somehow setteled down and connected to the earth?

They're just spore "containers"
Well valve definately said there were different types of headcrab, flying normal etc. aslo HL1 has baby headcrabs
Yeah, I was thinking about those pictures figge. Those headcrabs are definately beefier than the ones in Half-Life. But in the E3-Video where they demonstrate the camera effect, there's a small headcrab jumping towards Gordon...
Can I use the manipulator gun to roast it in the fire and then eat it?
Maybe not eat it.. BUT Prince of space...

that's a piece of the a shelter thing...

you can actually tell that the headcrab is still attached to the burning person's head(unless he got a very big and deformed head...which I doubt

It is a headcrab.. Look carefully :/
I'm pretty sure it's not!

the zombie you can see definitly still has his attached...also the perspective lines match the rest of the building...I'm pretty sure it a shelter-thing(sorry don't know what the hell you would call it in English)
Try using a photo program and zoom in.. then render the picture so it will be smoother. It IS a headcrab.. As you have seen in the E3 videos when the players shoots at the Zombie the head crab jumps off and starts attacking you.. Hmm..
when I'll get back home I'll prove it to ya!

that sure as heck isn't a head-crab...and it sure as hell isn't jumping off that zombie since, the zombie definitly still got his attached!

since I'm a graphics artist...I consider myself pretty able to analyze pictures.
heh: head crap. I hope Valve puts more head crap in the game.
I hope u can pull a headcrab off a zombies head via manipulator....

You can easily see its just a normal headcrab attached to a "half-zombie-body"
The zombie has been cut in half and is crawling with the headcrab still attached. And because he is crawling it might look like it's a giant headcrab, but it's not...

Look didn't take much time to see this :)

EDIT: If you look closely it kinda looks like the zombie's arms are cut of too...hmm, maybe "gibbing" IS possible:cool: that would rock!
It's not a zombie cut in half..

If it were it should be much longer..

i took the time to fill out the shapes..
Not at all...

Why would it be any longer?
Just compare it to the zombies cut in half in the 600 MB movie... A zombie (or a man) cut in half, can't be vary long (tall?)

Look at this picture...

Don't get fooled by the orange "fire-"color" surrounding the place... You can see the normal-headcrab's right (or left?)hind-leg...
This too

And look at this little picture too...

You can see one of the headcrab's hind-legs is pointing out...

Now it's pretty hard to see that on my picture, I'm not very good at drawing, but check that exact spot on an un-edited picture and try to see what I'm talking about:cool:
Well.. I don't think so.. look under the " turkey " and you will see the shadow of it..