Generation Half-Life 2



Hello I comes from Germany so i have problems to understand you, but it is ok :)
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it's for HL2 :D i want to make a HL2 clan so i need you support please join thX :cheese:
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exactly, i thought i was missing something... then i was like "phew i'm not going nuts"
Germans rock, they hold the best metal festivals anywhere!!!

Wacken here i come!!!!

Yeah, and people pretend they know what the German means, just like "Du Hast"... i bet you no-one can tell me what that song is truly about (i can)

edit: unless they are german
Rammstein rocks! although I cant understand much of the text, I do know that "Du Hast" means you have and "Du Hasst" with double s means you hate...please dont kill me if im wrong;(
I got three of their CDs and they kick ass! MUTTER!!!

also, have anyone heard about Immortal? its a norwegian metal band...I personaly know the drummist Horgh.............
any of you guys like nevermore/in Flames/Children of Bodom type stuff?
Cleric I like Children of Bodom and In Flames =D (well, I like InFlames' newest album, not really the other ones :) )
Rammstein rocks !

Hei h00dlum! eg e nordmann ja. kommer fra Bergen...kult å se at det e flere fra Norge her...trodde det bare va meg:dork:

Norway rocks!:cheese:
Rammstein music is great but their lyrics are disturbing.
Trust me, search for a english version of some songtext for instance.
Children of Bodom's cover of Europe's the Final Countdown is frickin' hilarious..... I hope they aren't a serious band :p
disturbing? Oo.. (and the thing is that you shouldnt translate the text into english. its not how it was mesnt to be written :))