Glitch in Gamespy... download while you can!

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May 18, 2003
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While reading in another forum... i came across a topic that posted a link to the Gamespy Half-Life 2 Movie. As you probably know, this 500 MB movie contains footage that is not seen in the 8 movies that Gamespot has. However, it requires a Subscription that i cannot get, but this guy has found some glitch in the system and you can download it for free... Well enough of me talking, go here -

2nd post down...
Ahhhh!!! It doesn't work for me.

Only 15 minutes left on my download anyway.....

*Whistles the time away*
seems to work for me
88 minutes in line tho.. oh well worth the wait i guess :)
damn they seam to have fixed it.. get action canceled now :/
Damnit. Ah well theyll probably release it to the normal people fairly soon.
dosent work for me either...hope its up on some public ftp soon
im downloading it from a hungarian (i think) site right now.. very slow, but it seams to work :)

check the "movie download links" topic for the url
Just refresh...

I got that too... if it does not work just hit refresh. Should work again. The line has significantly decresed.. only 10 min now.

There... its finally dling 148 KB/Sec. 2%

Ya, this time for good... was 50% done 2. Did anyone get it before they canceled?
Rofl I was on 100% and they cancelled it right on the last byte when DAP is forming the program on the harddisk talk about bad luck ffs
Don't bring up old threads for no reason.
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