Hardware Stuff...



Hello All,

1. OK I'm looking to buy a new motherboard & CPU (combo), and was wondering where can I find something around a Athlon 2800+XP for oh i dont know say 215$$?

2. Also once I have my Motherboard w/CPU what else do I need for it??

It will come with Fan and such...
I got video card and sound card
Some DDR ram is in the mail...

Please help!!!
PS (the reason Im getting a combo is because I don't want to have to go through the process of buying everything seperate and putting it together!)
Isnt it annoying when, lets say, you brought a eally cool comp for £300, then the next month you see a computer which is twice the power of yours for £300 in/on the same place/site, dosent that annoy you ?, lol thats happend to me about 2 times now ?
BLEH, that sucks. I hate it when you buy a piece of hardware and then the next week its retail price is $30 cheaper than what you payed. Oh well :x
you cant keep up with it all.. it goes simply to damn fast.
the moment you've exited the store with your new comp. it's value dicrease 1/3 or something like that...
If I was you I would wait till around the time HL2 gets released

*moved* tbh :borg: