Hi, noob here...


Serious Sam

... just wanted to introduce myself (hi, everyone!). I've been floating around a couple forums lately and decided to nestle here as the anticipation for HL2 builds. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you all; I promise not to act like an ass (saw a few clogging up the HL2 info thread), I'll speak only when I have something important to say, unless I'm drunk and babbling uncontrollably. In that case, feel free to whip out your crowbars an have at me. :)

I'm also a newb but am wanting to get know in this great forum.
Good morning and welcome to the Halflife2.net forum system. This forum is provided for the happiness and convenience of the Halflife2.net personel. :)
Hey Serious Sam! Let's get serious! LOL. I love that game.
Hi guys (and girls?).
This is a nice and unthreataning forum, i think i'll stay. See you all around i expect.
Originally posted by nietzsche

Nitzch raises up his cowboy hat.

Welcome to the forums, i'm sure we'll get along. You already did a nice start.


/me grabs your hat and throws it like a frisbee.
Oh no, Blackadder is back :p.... nah just kidding mate, its good to see you again....

/me welcomes Goddam Freeman to HL2.net
Been busy. Practicing playing frisbee with bolo hats.

I see mrBadger got his 1000 posts.
lol cheers guys. Blackadder never really had manners on tv, so its ok!
plenty of cunning plans tho, i suppose