HL2 SDK Info?



Does anyone know any sites with onfo about the sdk for hl2?

im interested in doing some hl2 mod coding ( for fun tbh - yes Jamoe = :dork: )

if i get any good ill put my self up for mod coding availability.
i am a noob to C++ but not to programming or oop (ive used Eiffel, Java and C# in the past).

like most here i just want to get hold of the sdk and play (best way to learn imo)

what else would i need to use once they release the sdk?

Anyway info of where I could start would be great.

thanks in advance

If I knew buddy, I'd help ya out. From a video interview I saw of one of the co-creators of Half-Life...I think the whole release of the SDK will be more of a private/select thing that will only be given out to serious modders in the beginning. This, of course, is what I've heard from others and what I'm lead to believe in that interview. I've heard rumors that the kit will be out sometime in late June. Regardless, I don't think you'll be able to get it unless you attend some sort of seminar Valve will be hosting.
I think it's highly likely that it will leak.
Part of me hopes it does leak a bit (in the inopportune event that NO mod teams end up with any support until the game's release), but most of me hopes it doesn't. Working in a mod team has shown me how few serious people there are out there to make something as large as a mod. People go in with the expectation of the mod being 100% fun and games. It should be fun, but because you love to do work. Often times, these people get let down for one reason or another and decide to quit the team. The turnover rate in mod developing is pretty grosstastiq, but that's just the way it is.
Valve will release the SDK before the game so modders will have enough time to work before the game comes out.
Originally posted by Fisheye
Then it wouldn't be serious mods.


True, but there are other ways people could get there hands on it. What if a friend of a serious modder got their hands on it (not entirly unlikely) and leaked it. Wouldn't be all that nice of the friend, but it's just one scenareo. Theres probably plenty of others, such as carelessness, for example :E

Besides, how will Valve be able to distingush "serious" modders at this stage? Someone could just write up an idea, make it look good, get the SDK and leak it.
Some people were concerned that half life 2 modding will be donw by a scripting language, and this just in:

The Source SDK will be similar to the existing Half-Life SDK in that it will
be C++ based, not a using a proprietary scripting language.

Erik Johnson
An upgraded Hammer editor should ship with the game, but instead of just editing maps it's now described as a "complete development environment" for maps, mods, and more.

A Half-Life 2 SDK (Software Development Kit) for mod developers will be released prior to the game hitting store shelves.

just 2 bits from http://www.planethalflife.com/half-life2/

i would assume that this upgraded hammer would actualy use the sdk, im not all that fussed about getting it befor the game comes out.

No point me messing with a mod on a PC that wont even run ut :). (im buying a new PC just for hl2)

remember that there is often a lot of pressure on mod teams to get things done, and some teams would jump at the chance to get hold of an SDK before every1 else, simply for the honour of being the first mod out.

I agree with Zalbag, part of me wishes we'll get the SDK in august, either by being at the MOD expo or getting hold of a leaked version and part of me hopes it doesn't get leaked. And I don't kno about any of u guys, but the making of a mod, the creative side holds a lot of appeal to me. I love thinking up plot twists and cunning tricks to unleash on the player. If you don't think that making a mod will be hard work, then wake up! lol, it is hard work, but there is no reason for not getting creative just because it might be an uphill struggle. As i said before, i don't what u guys think, but personally i like a challenge
ive a n00b to mod world and my first thought was that a team would/could be spread out all over the world, sitting in the rooms in the evenings coding/mapping/createing textures all in spare time. With the limits on ppls spare time i can see why some would want a leaked version to start learning and playing with.

But i keep seeing "Hireing Codes/Mappers/modellers", to me hireing means paying? Are some mods real FT jobs? or are they really all bedroom projects, some hit it big some flop and dont even reach alpha?

huge person turnover doesnt surprise me either, i think when ur working in a team u pressure urself because u dont want to let other members down. Probably ending up spending too much time on it and causeing greif to other things in life (like all the decorating the wife wants u todo).
To my knowledge there are no paid mod teams out there. Other than those bought up by valve of course. Modding is about having fun, not making money.
if some mod team is paying, tell me where :)

no mod teams that i can think of would offer paying jobs...
hmmmm, super-serious-were-going-for-a-publisher teams might pay, but otherwise sadly not!
Originally posted by Onions
To my knowledge there are no paid mod teams out there. Other than those bought up by valve of course. Modding is about having fun, not making money.

thats what i would have thought, just ppl using the word hireing confuzzeled me.

anyway to extend on the topic a bit more

with the sdk, what other tools do ppl use to code for mods, i understand hammer which is being released with the game can be used, but wil it be the best enviroment to code in?. Ive seen VS6 and even VS .NET flying round to code in.

what do ppl use now to code?

i recommend Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or .NET thats what Vavle use, and if its gd enuff 4 Valve then its gd enuff for NG.

The word Hireing is used because some mod teams have contracts, so their members don't leak secrets of development and I kno for a fact that there have been cases of team members getting sued by the rest of the team because they leaked something
There is no 'e' in hiring, rember the rules about the magic e (not the drug you crazy fools :p)
hmmm... even if we have the sdk for hl2 and we make a mod for hl2, how would we test if it work??

could some one give me some details on how we could test it
just get properly syntaxed code that compiles, and wait a month or two :D
if the SDK is given out at this MOD expo as most people seem to be saying, how are non USA modders supposed to be able to get it, my entire mod team is European (all but one are British) and non of us have enough money to fly out to the USA for a mod expo.

maby they will put it up as a download. but you will miss the special preview to HL² and get a quick lesson in using the tools
yeh and thats a BIG disadvantage!! especially for people who don't kno the SDK already
hopefully i will be able to convice my friend steve to join the crew and go to the mod expo (he's an american), ill make him go in with a video camera so he can film it for us poor unfortunate folks who cant go ^_^ .. lol
thats better than our idea:
drive to the US of A in a Skoda converted to a hovercraft by means of of m249 strapped to the back of the car on full auto! :p