Interesting line from the Sven CO-OP announcement.....


May 19, 2003
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Sven Co-op for Half-Life 2 will benefit not only from Half-Life 2’s highly advanced engine, greater volume of content and extensive feature set, but also from new and innovative gameplay resulting from four years of experience with the genre. Among the new features will be the ability for mapmakers to create their own game modes, and features to make gameplay more rewarding.

Is it just me or is that bit about the users being able to create their own gameplay modes rather interesteing..... im not sure wether this is using the Sven CO-OP mod or if this is talking about some details they ahve recieved from Valve about the HL2 multiplayer that will ship with the game.

its not that clear reading it but i guess it is about the Sven CO-OP mod rather than the shipped multiplayer.

i wonder....... you guys and girls got any thoughts on this??

Hmm very intresting, Were going to have to keep an eye on this see what traspires.!

HL2 Muli P ..Think a fiew (including myself) were hopeing that would be TF2..!
Valve Software, creators of Half-Life and its upcoming sequel, have recently expressed interest in helping the SvenCo-op team following the release of Half-Life 2
This would indicate that Valve will start helping Sven after HL2 ships (when for some reason they might have some extra time on their hands). So it doesn't look like Sven Co-Op will be the multiplayer option that ships with HL2.
In fact sven-coop team already have the sdk to begin the work with the coop for hl2. Sven-coop will not be shipped with hl2
They said that they DON'T yet have the SDK. And definately Svencoop2 wont come out until after the release of HL2